What do we do once we die?

June 11, 2008
By Taylor Smith, Longmont, CO

Call the doctor, the girl has finally fallen, and she’s not coming back up...

She’s not responding doctor, whatever shall we do??

Her heart... it’s gone, Doctor her heart is gone!...

She’s dead now doctor... Shall we send her down to the morgue?

Now she’s at the morgue, laying as cold as stone. They found out how she fell... she fell because her heart was broken, and her mind couldn’t take it anymore. She couldn’t have been saved, no matter what the doctors tried. So on this steel bed, her body lay still, eyes closed, mouth forever unable to scream.

It’s the day of her funeral, and she has moved beds. The cold of the morgues metal sheet, to the warmth of a coffin. Fine black silk on the inside, a contrast of colors from the body it contains. She’s paler then a dove, as white as snow. But she is still as beautiful as ever, even in death. Perfect makeup, hair done in perfect curls, a perfect dress, to match for the perfect occasion.

As she looks over her own coffin, the girl finally realizes her mistake. She’s looking at the life she left behind, the life that really was worth living. She threw away everything over nothing. She decided to fall, when she could have soared.
The girl stands over her own body while the pastor talks about her life. She never believed in God or in Heaven, she never even walked into a church before, but here she is. The pastor is reading quotes from the Bible, things she hasn’t heard before, things that don’t even make sense. Her parents couldn’t drag her to church a single Sunday morning, but today, they finally got their wish. She’s here, but for all the wrong reasons.

They are all outside now, in front of her grave. The hole is dug, the tombstone in place, and there are chairs set up in neat little rows. Her coffin may not be in the ground yet, but the girl is already six feet under. She’s watching the final words being said. She’s watching her coffin sink slowly into the ground. She is watching her coffin fall on top of her, but she feel nothings.

She floats up out of the grave, for one final look at the outside. She sees her parents, her friends, her family, and people she has only seen once or twice... and they are all crying. Her best friend stands up quickly, and runs to the grave. With tears streaming down her face, she spits on the coffin and screams "How could you!" and then, she falls onto her knees. The girl is watching her friend wailing over her, but she can’t do a thing. Her friend is gently taken away, and after that everyone else leaves too.

The hole in the ground is filled, her coffin safely six feet under. She could wander the earth, she could leave the graveyard, but she doesn’t. She sits on her tombstone, and cries. She sees friends and family at random, coming to leave her flowers in remembrance. She has read her tombstone so many times, she can recite it off of memory. She is here for forever, when her friends and family stop sending flowers, when her parents are buried right beside her, when the world slowly fades to gray.

Finally, she sinks back into her coffin, and she sleeps.

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