the wrong ending

October 11, 2012
By charity brown BRONZE, Wilmington, North Carolina
charity brown BRONZE, Wilmington, North Carolina
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The Wrong Ending

Rainsford jumped, a couple moments General Zaroff showed up. He looked out at the open sea, his pack of dogs sniffing the air.
“Well, well, well” said Zaroff, “that sly fox has won the game, doesn’t mean he’ll live to tell about it. With that general Zaroff turned and walked away.

Rainsford arms felt like noodles, his legs were like jello. He trudged onto the beach and collapsed. “I’ll have to find shelter” he thought, “somewhere warm and dry.” He began to gather sticks and branches and put them into a pile. He knew he couldn’t light a fire in fear that Zaroff would spot him. He was about to go to sleep when he saw a small flicker of orange. A fire, general Zaroff’s fire.

About to go check on things, Rainsford had a thought, “the dogs.” They would never let him within ten feet of Zaroff. He had to think of a way to distract them, “of course!” thought Rainsford. “All the other men.” He could let them all go with a gun and if they see a dog, kill it. Rainsford ran through the woods and didn’t stop until he came to the gate of the house. Rainsford pulled himself up and over the fence; at least he didn’t have to worry about Ivan.

Rainsford tried the door, yes! It was unlocked. Now he just had to think, where would Zaroff keep all of them? “The cellar! That’s it”, Zaroff said it himself. Rainsford ran through the house looking for the cellar, halt! Rainsford turned the gun case and right in front were rifles, pistols and 9mm. Rainsford grabbed them all. After about five more minutes of searching, he finally found the door to the cellar. It was latched about a dozen times and with a few kicks, it fell to the ground.

It was horrifying. There were about a dozen chained wrist and ankles to the wall. Rainsford looked to the left and right, training equipment, wasn’t being used because Ivan wasn’t there to keep things in check. The men looked up, rainsford smiled back.

“How about we get you out of here and go after him?” he said. Rainsford found a medal rod and broke loose the shackles that took away the men’s freedom. All the men got up and got a gun. “Now don’t forget to grab a chunk of meat on your way out,” Rainsford said. The men went in groups of two and scattered throughout the woods. Climbing trees, hills or just hiding the men waited for the signal. Rainsford went back to the small fire, which Zaroff was now cooking something over. The dogs were in a group behind Zaroff, his plan would work.

Rainsford made a bird noise; the first two men took off, running through the woods with a piece of meat on a string behind them. The meat was meant for the dogs to follow and when they were quit a distance away from the fire, the men would drop the string a climb a tree near by waiting for the dogs to come looking. Zaroff and the dogs heard the noise. Zaroff jumped up and unleashed two dogs. “Go get him boys! Get that Rainsford!” he yelled as the dogs took off. Rainsford smiled as he watched Zaroff wonder what happened to his dogs. After a couple more bird calls all the dogs were gone except one, which sat right beside Zaroff.

Rainsford turned around and saw a make-shift raft floating away from the beach. He waved at the men as they sailed into the night. Rainsford took out his knife and stepped into the clearing. Zaroff turned around, “Rainsford!” he said “when did you get there?!”

“About the same time your dogs started to disappear” he answered.

Zaroffs last dog attacked Rainsford, but he threw the knife right at him. Zaroff just stood there shocked, “you killed my dogs?!” he said, Rainsford smiled. Zaroff quickly pulled himself together. “Ok Rainsford you win, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try again.” He said.

“I know that,” replied Rainsford.

“Then it’s settled, whoever wins gets the house” Zaroff said.

“Done, get ready General Zaroff.”

General Zaroff was surprised to find his guns missing.

He thought he was dead, but he wasn’t. Rainsford fluttered open his eyes. He looked around himself, blood to the left and right. Some of it was his, some Zaroffs. That man sure knows how to fight. Rainsford was sure of one thing, that General Zaroff better get ready yet again.

The author's comments:
this is just an added ending to a different piece "the most dangerous game"

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