Character Sketch: Joe

October 10, 2012
By , Centerville, IA
My name is Joe Middleton, I am 17 years old and yes, I am a girl. I can’t begin to think how my parents came up with the name Joe but I know for sure I will never let them live it down. I live in the small town of Albany, Wisconsin. I have one brother and the usual mother and father.

My brother, Marcus, is somewhat strange for his age. He is nine years old and would prefer to watch the Science Network on TV then play with the millions of Hot Wheels he has lying around, just waiting for someone to step on.

My parents are what you could call, famous in the little town of Albany. They own the biggest law firm, Middleton Law Firm. Their ad, “Becky and Bob, doing the better for you,” well, it’s got a nice ring to it but it sounds more like a Walmart advertisement then a law firm ad to me.

In the small town of Albany everybody knows everybody, and with a name like Joe, everybody knows ME. My friends say I don’t look like a Joe, with my bleach blonde hair and my mildly tan skin, but then again, what do they know? I go to school at Albany High School; I have two best friends, Megan and Mikala. I don’t have a boyfriend; in fact, I don’t really talk to guys. That being for reasons I don’t want to talk about. At age 17 you would think I would be boy crazy just like every other girl in school including my friends. Getting dumped after a two year relationship for your best friend can be like getting run over by a truck. It changes your whole aspect on life

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