The Girl From The Rose

October 10, 2012
By Shay_shay SILVER, Dumont, New Jersey
Shay_shay SILVER, Dumont, New Jersey
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Three teenagers walk inside of a park minding there own buisness. Smoking, drinking, and taking drugs. They were living the good life. Micheal was the oldest and the achohol supplier. He had golden blond and he looked like he was a vampireas pale as a baby buttom. He had a cigerette in his mouth and leaned against the monkey bars. He had that tuff look to him, tight skinny jeans, combat boots, leather jacket. He was your usual bad boys in the movies. Then there was Toby, the second youngest and the drug collector in the pack. He had the same tuff look like Micheal. Except he liked to use to much gel in his hair and hairspray to make it look like a greaser from the movie the outsiders. His hair was black and he was only 16. He had that sly alley cat smile and he could get anything he wanted if he put his mind to it. Then there was the youngest, Finny the cigeratte suplier in the gang. Je was only 13 years old and acted like he was high and mighty. He was the son of a high incorperated who didnt care what he did. So he spent time smoking and drinking with his friends. He has brown hair that looked cute for his age. He wore the same tuff stuff as Micheal and Toby. He got cigerettes by taking them because of his all powerful father.

As they played dice and smokes another round. The stranger the day got, a pack of dogs barked at the rotwhilers to be exact. They had a hard time getting the stuff they needed. It was like the day didnt like them. Finally it just went out of control. The ground shaked and the guys held onto the monkey bars trying not to fall over. They gripped so tight that they started to white ball there nuckles. Then out of nowhere a huge black rose the size of the whole playground pops out from the ground all closed up. They looked at each other confused then let go and staggered towards the rose.

"What in the world is this?" Micheal said examing the rose.

"I dont know," Fin said placing a head on it. "our days been wacky so this isnt new."

The rose shuttered and they all gasped and backed away. It then slowly opened and they each looked at each other weather or not to prossecess whats happening to them. As the rose opened something strage came out. A pale girl about Micheal age lays there sleeoing and in cradle passion. She wore no clothes and her jet black hair went to her lower back. She was beautiful, but all alone stuck in a rose.Toby looked at micheal, "Should we help her?"

Micheal examined the girl as he took another puff of his cigerette as if it helped him decide, "Fine we take her to my place."

Finn and toby nodded and picked up the girl gentley then relizes the first time she wasnt wearing any clothes.

"Dude u gotta carry her we are going to be scared if we continue to see this." Finn offers her.

Micheal shakes his head. "No way u guys gotta do it."

They grumble and made there way to micheals place not having a clue who this girl was. Or what to even dress her in or hide her from he public. Yikes this is going to be one heck of a story to tell.

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Liem_Hayes said...
on Oct. 14 2012 at 8:07 pm
Liem_Hayes, Dayton, Ohio
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the scars forever stay... (idk what to put..)

this is very well. i love it.

on Oct. 14 2012 at 8:06 pm
LeeLeeBuggies SILVER, Wilmerding, Pennsylvania
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"Believe in yourself."

omg, this is really good, plz write more. rates 5!


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