Chasing A Silver Fox

October 5, 2012
By LittleInside GOLD, Kearney, Nebraska
LittleInside GOLD, Kearney, Nebraska
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Slender limbs tensed as the willowy girl scrambled her way to the rooftops for another night. Insomnia kept her awake, but before the past few months, boredom kept her confined to her bedroom, content to just watched the stars from her windows. She looked upon the moon with her thoughtful hazel gaze, and she thought she was happy with that. Of course, a few months back, she was staring out the window as always, waiting for exhaustion to cause her to sleep for a whole day to recover.
This was a normal night with the mid-summer stars twinkling and teasing her sight. Liana Winters had settled her ever-curious gaze on the rooftops, thinking she saw a particularly active star. It wasn't though.

The silver fox was reflecting the moonlight, it's fur looking pure and blinding. Curiosity drove her to climb to her own roof, using the sloping section of roof closest to her attic bedroom window, and watch from afar. Every night since then, she had repeated the ritual before climbing down and trying to go to bed.
What was so fascinating about the silver fox? Liana always assumed it was just something from her wild imagination. She had a habit for thinking of everything in a different way. She disliked using a normal thought process, and it kept her head busy all night. It was some of the cause of her insomnia. That wasn't the only reason though. She was waiting for the fox to simply disappear. To prove it was just her silly mind doing silly things to her in her sleep-deprived state.

She relaxed against the slope of the roof, waiting... waiting... The fox didn't appear. She was disappointed, but she couldn't stop there. Her emotions - Liana Winters was very emotional to begin with - drove her to snatch her coat up and figure out how her imagination had gotten so out of control in the first place. She wanted to step onto the rooftops and wait until morning.
That was expected though. If one wanted to find an answer, they must sneak up on it. Liana always thought so anyway, so she decided to walk the sidewalks that would lead toward the fox on a normal night. It was dangerous, but Liana was also careless in her actions by nature. It came with her ever racing emotions, and her never-ending thought process.

Her steps sounded hard on the cold sidewalks as her eyes scanned the roof tops anxiously, taking in as many details as her speeding mind could handle. Liana huffed out an angry breath as a boy rushed past her, fear in his eyes.
She snatched her hand out, faster than one would expect from the tall girl, and held onto his arm with a tight grip. (B "Are you alright?") she asked, her soft voice deep and filled with a southern twang to it. The boy whimpered and threw his arms around her friendly figure. Everything about Liana never spoke of a threat.

(i So young,) she thought. He could be no older than twelve or thirteen. (i Probably caught walking home late.) She waited until he was calm enough to walk home alone before asking, (B "What happened to you, hon?") The affectionate term came out automatically. The boy sniffed and explained his story. Yes, he was walking home late from a friend's house because his home was so close by. Then the group of men attacked him, thinking he had money on him. The boy was nicely dressed after all, and this part of town had always been questionable.
(i "Then this dog saved me. It's a white one, and I think it's still...") He looked anxiously down the road, but Liana hurried him home instead. Her heart raced as she ran down the street, each leg pumping until she saw the group around the wounded creature.

Liana's first reaction, bred into her by birth, was to fight. Again, this wouldn't work. No. She might have to bluff her way through it. She opened her mouth, sucked in her breath, and called out, (B "Oh my god you found him!")
Liana sucked in enough breath until her eyes watered. It was easy since she had been awake so long. They already looked a little red around the edges, and the chill to the night air had her sniffling already. By the time she reached the group of men, she had her cell phone out and she looked as if she'd been crying for hours.

She typed in a number and hit end, but her phone gave off a glow for another thirty seconds as if she were calling someone. (B "Yes, daddy, I found our dog! I can't believe he was so far away. Who else will you take to the force with you? He's a good police dog.") Without thought, Liana reached down and ran a hand over the creature's fur. She pretended to hang up and stuffed the phone in her pocket.

(B "You found him. I'm so thankful. My dad is the police chief, and he's been looking for our little guy.") She smiled and extended her hand sharply. (B "I'm sorry. I'm so tired right now. We've been desperate to find this dog, and my dad is coming to get me in the cruiser right now. He should be here soon if you'd like to stick around...") Her eyebrows raised, they were slim, like the rest of her, and her hand fell to her side as she crouched protectively over the fox.

The author's comments:
Just random writing. My transition isn't as great, but I'm too tired to really care at the moment. The silver fox is based a little bit after a video game character I'm fascinated with, but the setting is in Modern America instead of Feudal Japan.

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