Cheating With the Devil

October 5, 2012
By Anonymous

Cheating With the Devil

Jeff despised American History, and decided to sleep the whole time. He described it as boring as being lectured by a dog. It put him right to sleep and the bell was his alarm clock. He had a dream he was shaking hands with the devil, but what was the deal that he made? The bell rang and he woke up in a sweat, he hopped up and soon forgot knowing he had to go get some ones class work. He asked Will if he could surreptitiously copy the notes and copy the homework in the morning. Will was hesitant but agreed because Jeff was his best friend.

When morning came he couldn’t believe he had played video games all night long. It went by as fast as lightning. His visceral reaction was to put on his clothes and run to the bus stop, his habits were getting unscrupulous.

“Jeff! Can I have my notebook?” Will waved his hand trying to get his attention

“Dude! I forgot it at my house; I was in a huge rush this morning.” Jeff quickly came up with an excuse. Will rolled his eyes and, sat down and took out his homework, his anger was latent. Mrs. Jones collected it and asked,
“Where’s your homework Jeff.”

“About that, it was on the counter this morning and my mom spilled her coffee and ruined it.” Jeff defended himself. Will looked back at him with a disgusted look on his face. Jeff didn’t make eye contact.

“Well I guess I’ll give you a new sheet and you can do it in the hall really quick.” She said with sincerity. He dragged himself up to her desk and took the homework knowing he wouldn’t be able to do it. He sat on the ground with a vacant stare at his blank paper. He read the questions as if he were reading in a different language, wrote down a few words and went back inside. He snuggled up in his chair like it was his own bed, and shut his eyes. Before he knew it he woke up with the same horrified feeling as yesterday, knowing something wasn’t right. Then heard Mrs. Jones say there would be quiz tomorrow. He rushed out of the room searching for Will, but couldn’t find him. He walked home and thought about the dreams he had been having. What were they about? He soon forgot when he got home, grabbed the phone and called Will. He knew something was wrong when Will made up an excuse so they couldn’t study that night, but came over and got his notebook.
Yet again he turned on his Xbox and played until 4:30 in the morning. He got to school late again, just in time to take the test. He picked up his pencil, filled in a couple random bubbles and faked some short answers and put the incomplete test in the basket. He sat back down, put his head on the desk, but was unable to fall asleep. He couldn’t forget the feeling he got when he woke up from his dreams. The bell rang, and his glazed over eyes shifted to the clock. He got up and followed Will to his locker.
“I’m Sorry Will” Apologized Jeff.
“No you’re not Jeff. It’s like you’re making a deal with the devil” Will was ambivalent. This is when Jeff finally realized what his dreams meant.

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