Transformed Prologue

October 3, 2012

My eyes jerk open as I wake up to the shot of a gun. Nothing is wrong, Pelatina. Go back to sleep. This is normal: someone is hurt, at least that hasn’t changed in the past week.

I force my eyelids shut, and begin daydreaming the crashing noises away, hoping that I will be able to fall asleep again.

I am in a field, covered in daisies; the sky is blue, and I am laying on my back, cushioned by the flowers. Around me, mountains with white tops loom above my head. But.......

I am not alone.

Beside me, a boy lays with his arm around me. He wears a magnificent, wide smile on his face... If only I could pretend like he can.

I looked back up at the sky again. A wisp of cool air blew a lock of my blonde hair in my face and I breathed out of my nostrils, deeply.

"Pelatina." I turned my head, and focused my eyes on him. His green eyes were shining. "Pelatina." He repeated. Odd... He never calls me that.

"Tina!! Tina. Come on, wake up!!" My eyes opened. Can my life really not allow me to imagine anything better than what it truly is?

"What do you need! What could you possibly need, that would allow you to wake me up?" I shouldn't be talking to my mother like this, no matter what she ever does to me.

"Pelatina, it’s him!!" She shouted, and I noticed she was breathing heavily. My back jolted up and my eyes widened. "It's him, he’s here. You must come see outside!"

I kicked my legs out of the woven chair that I had been sleeping in, and ran to the large brown door of the abandoned brick building. I pulled the door open, and took a step out.

My eyes closed, and I fell back.

All I remember is the sadness in the boy from my dream’s eyes that had met mine as he was being dragged down the streets behind a large, bulky man, whose face was scrunched up, and had fire in his eyes..

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