The Men of Many Names

October 4, 2012
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There was a man named Dan who loved his many collections of animals, money, and any other assortment items that one could think of. Dan, now growing old from obtaining his possessions through hard work, some surreptitious, and some unscrupulous means, felt satisfied with his life. He was famous world wide and was known by many names.

One day a fellow as tall as a giant and as handsome as a gleaming lion, walked into town as Dan was out buying groceries at the local market. All women of the town fainted at the sight of him, and the men knew nothing but jealousy as they watched the tall and handsome man move through the town. Dan stared as the glorious figure passed, but instead of being jealous, Dan was curios as to why the man was passing through town. The man turned his head toward Dan, and looked as if he knew full well what Dan was thinking.

Dan started getting nervous as the man turned and walked right up to him asking, “ Are you Dan? Are you Dan, the man known as being rich, but as hard working as a farmer?

Not being surprised that someone would recognize him, Dan replied, “Why yes I am.”

The man returned, “Do you know who I am?”

Suspicion starting to rise in him, Dan replied, “No, who are you?”

Chuckling, the tall and handsome man answered, “I am like a gambler. I will make you the bet of a life time.”

With ambivalence, Dan asked, “Yeah? Then what is that bet?”

The man shrugged, leaned in, and said, “I’ll bet you that I am known by more names than even you.”

Thinking that it was an easy bet as no one of the known world could possibly have more names than him, Dan answered, “ Alright, so what do I get if I win?”

The man replied, “I will double your fortune.”

Tempted, but uncertain at the proposition Dan whispered, “I doubt you can do that my fellow, but what do you get if you win?”

Satisfied, the man returned, “Everything you own.”

Dan wavered a little bit, but ended up yelling, “Ok you got yourself a bet! I have eight names: The Carpenter, Silas, Dan, Alexander, The Fighter, The Frugal, Bill, Mark, and some even call me Mister Crabs.

The man, with a smirk on his face, replied, “Scratch, Devil, Lucifer, The light bringer, Judas, Satan, Evil, Deceiver, Destroyer, and Beelzebub. I win.”

Dan, realizing what he had done, screamed, “What! Prove it!”

The no longer latent devil, knowing he had won calmly replied, “ I am a king, I do not need to prove myself and you are mine. You Dan of many names are coming with me.

In tears, Dan begged, “ Please don’t take me! I didn’t know I was making a deal with the devil!”

Laughing, the Devil replied, “ It is your own fault for making the bet!”

At that moment, the Devil drug Dan down to hell. There was a lot of talk and fear in the town about what had happened, but people eventually moved on and Dan was never heard from again.

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