Road Kill

October 4, 2012
By , west chester, OH
Death. You never really plan for it. It just hits you and you’re a deer in headlights. My name is Marissa. I was sophomore in high school and 16 years old. Since my parents were one of the wealthiest people in my small town. I grew up with Prada purses, jimmy Choo shoes and Juicy track suites. But none of that matters when you’re dead. And dead is what I am. I died 2 ½ hours ago, right in front of my friends. A red Porsche came speeding at me and my friends. But all along that car was heading for me. Before I could move I was up on the hood, flying until I was against the cold concrete. Just before I closed my eyes I saw the license plate of the red Porsche as it was speeding away, taking my life with it.
You know when you die and people always say that you go to a better place. Not me. I am very special, so special I get to see my friends and family crying, as they watched my body get dragged away in a black body bag. I wanted to cry too. When I looked back at my parents a cop that looked at my stone still body had gone up to them.
“Mr. and Mrs. Lankton, I have a reason to believe that your daughter was murdered. I talked to her friends and they said that the driver of the Porsche was singling her out. I am really sorry about Marissa’s death and we are going to do everything we can to put this person in jail.”
As he walked away tears spilled from my mom’s face. I looked around. Police car lights filled the sky and the air with their sirens. Yellow crime seen tape filled the school parking lot. Police officer placed White numbers on top of every puddle of maroon. I turned around to see Tracy and Trang giggling.
“I always knew that witch would not make it out of high school,” Tracy said smirking.
“Yah and we both know who did it,” Trang said walking way. I looked at them stunned. To say that about me was terrible and to say the night of my death was even worse. But they knew who killed me.
I followed Tracy and Trang home.
“Kelly, Marissa’s friend had to have killed her. She went out with Charlie for a week and then broke his heart.” I then realized that Kelly and Charlie had nothing to do with my death because they were there when I got hit by the car I started to realize that if I was to move on I would have to find out who killed me. I thought about that cop talking to my parents. Then next thing I knew I was surrounded by 4 walls, a window, a door and a couch under the window. I knew it had to be the cop’s office.
It was almost 5:30 am the following day. I looked around the small office. The cop also had 3 book cases behind his desk filled with books I would never get to read. The cop known as John was looked like he was in his early 30’s with brow hair and a little grey on the sides. A cop I knew by the name of Luke came barging in the door.
“Sir, we found the red Porsche that killed Marissa.” Luke said beaming.
“Where was it?” John said looking up.
“It was in a ditch 5.6 miles from the crime scene. I’m headed to look at the car right now, you want to come?”
“Yah I want to come. Mr. and Mrs. Lankton are counting on me to find their daughter’s killer,” John said getting up and putting his navy jacket on. During the ride there was no talking. When we got to the field the sun was just rising over the horizon. Police were all over the place.
“Luke, hey what’s up?” A blonde haired cop about 23 came up to us. “I have all the information. The car belongs to a rental car company and was stolen. We checked for finger prints, nothing. But the killer left their phone”, He said holding up a plastic baggie, with an I-phone 4s in it.
“There are a bunch of finger prints on it. I am going to take this to the lab and have them analyze it.”
He said walking to a police car, and driving away.
“Who was that?” asked John. Luke just smiled and said, “Oh just a college buddy.”
John and Luke went into the ditch to go look at the beat up red Porsche.
” Is that blood?” Luke asked pointing to some red dots on the lights and the hood.
“Yah that would be Marissa’s blood. Why have you never seen blood before?” John said smirking.
“I have seen blood before” Luke said right away.” Just never on a car.” He said seconds later. When I looked at the car the places where I landed had little dents and the front window was cracked. To tell you the truth, I hate that car. It took my life and I would never get it back. Of course the driver was the most responsible. But that car was the symbol of my death.
Later that day Luke got a call from his friend.
“Hey Luke I think you better hear this. The phone belongs to a Brett Martin. His finger prints were all over the phone. But get this, Marissa’s finger prints were on the phone too. Right now I think that Marissa and Brett knew each other. And I would bring him in if I were you before he tries to skip town.”
“Thanks man.” Luke said hanging up the phone. Luke picks up the phone again, just seconds later.
“Hi can you please bring a Brett Martin to the office, thank you.” I sat on the couch thinking about the last time I had talked to Brett. Brett and I went out for about 6 months; we were considered the thing or the item at the time. Brett couldn’t have done it because the Brett I knew count hurt a fly. Just then Brett came through the doors. His dirty blonde hair was shaggy and looked like it needed to be trimmed. He was wearing his football jersey, Number 69, and pair of dark blue jeans. Luke came to greet him.
“Hello Mr. Martin, I am going to be asking you a few questions.” I watched the whole thing from the corner of room. Brett seemed to be at ease. Just then my friend Kelly walked into the room to give her statement. Brett’s eyes got widen for a second but settle down moments later. Luke escorted Brett out. Kelly looked like she hadn’t gotten sleep since I died.
“Hello Kelly I am Officer John. Do you know if Brett Martin had something against Marissa?” Kelly looked at him like he was dumb. But Kelly behaved herself like a good girl and said, “Brett and Marissa went out for 6 months. They were the thing in the school. One day out of no where Marissa breaks up with him just a week before the dance. The gossip of the week was who Marissa would be going out with. She showed up with Noah, Brett’s best friends at the time. Noah and Marissa dated and Brett went back into the shadows from which he came from. Marissa made Brett a someone, and he loved her for it. But he hated her for dumping his sorry ass. See here’s the thing about Marissa, once she dumps someone she does not look back. To tell you the truth he did it because he went from the top to the bottom and lost his best friend all to girl”. John sat quietly. He was thinking about it. You could see his eyes widened every once in a while Kelly went on.
“Plus Marissa always joked about if she were to be hit by a car it would always be a red Porsche carrier. Brett was their when she talked about things like that.”
So you see he probably did it and tried to kill me too because I knew that it would be him. Just then Luke came into the room.
“Sir, he’s lying about where he was last night.” John spun around to look at her. She was smiling with the see what I mean kind of look in her eyes. “Arrest him for the murder of Marissa Lankton.”John said getting up. I waited for Brett in the hallway. The dumbest cop I have ever seen let Brandon sit down on the couch alone. But I was there watching his every move. How could this guy I liked and went out with all those months, kill me? I tried to control myself. I punched him, kicked him yelled at him cussed at him. But no matter what I did Brett didn’t feel or hear me.
John and Luke walked up to Brett.
“I know why you killed her. I know everything about Marissa breaking your heart and your brother ship with Noah.” Luke said.
Brett just looked forward and said, “Officer what I did, I did it a for reason. If I did it, it was for the better. Hell life is way better without her, listen,” He said glancing around. Then he went on, “See? No crying, I think whoever did that was a saint. And yes if you want a confession. Sure I killed the witch. I smiled when I drove away.”
There was a smile on his face. I fell to my knees trying to cry but I could not. I had to show him that I knew what he did. I stood up, closed my eyes and thought about him seeing me.
“Oh my mother,” I could hear all of them say. When I opened my eyes Brett, John and Luke surrounded me, all staring, and their jaws on the floor. Brett just glared at me. Anger filled his eyes. He lunged at me but, fell right through, hitting his head on the door handle and collapsing to the ground. He looked up at me, blood running down the side of his head. I glared back at him and just had to flip him off, now that he could see me. I turned to look back at John and Luke. John’s eyes were red, and his hair looked like it was on crack. Luke on the other had looked worse. Luke’s eyes weren’t only like johns but his hair was too.
I waved to them and as I did I mouthed thank you. Luke’s coffee cup fell to the floor and he didn’t look or move to clean it up. Then I saw the light. It was a mix of blue and white and beautiful. I knew that it was for me and it was my time to go. I knew as I walked into the light the moments and people I would miss: prom, friends, growing up, getting married. But I had a feeling there was more to come where I was going, so I walked towards the light and never looked back.

(1,894 words).

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pandagirl312 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Oct. 6, 2012 at 7:02 pm
I liked the introduction and the concept. I have thought of dying and seeing the world from heaven, but I haven't thought from writing from this perspective: a dead person waiting to go to heaven. There were many grammar mistakes throughout and a few places where the grammar did not make sense. But all in all, a good start. :)
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