Forbbiden Love

October 3, 2012
A forbidden love caused by their age differentness. Or cause no one would approve of there love and they would always put them down whenever they want to be together or hang out. The couple’s names were Aaron and Shainah. They have a love that is forbidden throughout the kingdom. This is the solution on how they stood together.

Shainah stood at the gates of her boyfriends’ school. It was a big school. An entrance like a library that was extra perfect, the air smelled cold and brisk as if it gave them her the chills when she took a deep breath. The sun was shinning even though it was the middle of winter. Shainah loved it when it was like this. She could sit in the sun and warm up while to cold air splashed in her face. She wouldn’t have wanted it any better then that. The bell rang and she looked around and straightened her skirt. She finally dressed sexy for him on one of the coldest days in the winter. Even though the sun was shinning and the beams of the sun hit her face. She fluffed her hair as all the students poured out the door. She looked around for any sign of him to stand out. He would try so hard to blend into the crowd but with his looks and his height nothing can miss him not even her. She finally spotted him waiting by a tree looking up at the sky. His long hair flowed down to his shoulders and the breeze made it so it could show his small tattoo. It was a dragon that curled up into a heart and it said her name on it. She smiled and straightened her skirt again then walked up to him in a mid strut.
“Hey,” She said smiling.
He turned to her and his angle fallen face gave her a smile, “Hey.”
They kissed and Aaron pulled her into his arms where they looked at the sky. Shainah couldn’t help but smile at the wonderful weather. It was just perfect. He kissed her head then turned himself back to the sky.
“I have a crazy idea.” Aaron whispered in her ear.
“What is that my love?” She said looking at him.
“You live with me and we can start new life together,” He whispered and she shuttered at the idea. “We can get our own house and everything. Nothings stopping us.”
Shainah considered it. She really did love Aaron with all her heart but she didn’t want to leave her brother alone. She sighed with anticipation. She thought about it for a while.
She sighed again and made her decision. “Alright let leave now while we have a chance.”
Aaron looked down at her and smiled happily then they were running towards his car and driving off into deep town. They were never heard from after that. Some say they saw them laughing in Florida. Others say they went on vacation and saw them making out on the beach. The truth is that no one from there family heard from them again. Her brother says he keeps in touch with her and that he’s happy with her with the stranger man. Either way there forbidden love become a possible love.

The end

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DreamerGurl said...
Oct. 9, 2012 at 10:07 pm
I liked it but its missing some deeper depth and enthusiasm.
Long story short... It's to simple.
BlueSunset said...
Oct. 9, 2012 at 9:30 am
I love this piece. So cute. I think you used good vocab and you were very realistic. It was lovely to read, please make something simular to this x keep it up!
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