You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

October 2, 2012
By mballarano BRONZE, Dedham, Massachusetts
mballarano BRONZE, Dedham, Massachusetts
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WARNING: There is a monster on the loose. This isn’t just your average cookie monster from Sesame Street, this is a legit monster. It preys on anybody trying to run away from their psychological problems. It preys on anybody trying to run away from performing a speech in front of a massive amount of people. It even preys on little kids trying to play hide and seek. Some say it’s insane. Some say it’s poetic. It’s impossible to defy it. It’s impossible to win. Because it will eventually bring you down, and will eventually come back around.
Once, there was a girl named Melissa from Chicago, Illinois. She was constantly teased and bullied at school by her fellow classmates. Everyday, she would walk into high school hallways hearing the S.O.S. (same old stuff), such as “You’re a loser!” “Your Ugly!” “Go kill yourself!” “YOLO!” These annoying things kids were saying got into her head (Literally, they cracked her skull and went into her brain) and she then decided to run away from her problems, because she just didn’t want to deal with them anymore. One day, Melissa decided to ditch school. She was so stupid because she went into one of those creepy alleyways where people get kidnapped. Anyways, she was walking through the alleyway and all of a sudden, she heard a “Bang!” then she heard a “Thud!” and finally she heard a “Chirp!” All of the sudden, the monster came out from the dark gloomy shadows of the alleyway. He yelled, “What do you think your doing?” Melissa responded, “Running away from my problems, duh.” The monster then said, “Running away is all you know, after a while, guilt will grow.” The girl replied “Yeah, and?” The monster finally said, “LISTEN! You can’t escape me, you just can’t. Because if you do, I will be back, and I will find you. Now, do you want that?” The girl retorted “ No, that would be extremely annoying.” The monster said “Okay, good, so I demand you go back to school, and stand up for those fools!” the girl then answered, “You know what? Your right!! I will stand up for myself, thanks random creepy monster!”
As for later that day, she ran back to school with joy. And for the bullies, lets just say they were found dead in the Chicago River, and no, evidence didn’t say suicide. Melissa learned a lot from that monster, she made sure not to run away again, knowing that the monster would come back around.

The author's comments:
In this piece, I was making a cliche literal.

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