A dream gone bad

September 22, 2012
By Liona BRONZE, Wyndmere, North Dakota
Liona BRONZE, Wyndmere, North Dakota
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Helen Keller

In October 13, 1845 Carly, the most picked on kid in school, worshipped the Devil for ten years during her sixteen year old life. One day she went missing and everything got scary.
On a cold windy Friday night, Brandy, Emma, and Alice were all watching The Raven, All of them were getting scared and decided not to watch the rest of the movie, when all of a sudden the power went off. They were all screaming till the power came back on. After the power came back on, Brandy decides it was a sign to go to bed. In the middle of the night Alice woke up and saw that Brandy was missing from her bed, so she goes down stairs to see if Brandy was sleep walking again. When Alice went into the kitchen she saw Brandy standing by the wide open back door. Alice asked "What are you doing?" Brandy turned around and looked at Alice with dead beaty eyes and smiled. She noticed that Brandy had sharp pointed teeth and was glowing. Alice screamed when Brandy whispered "ALICE" into the air. IN that split second when Brandy was possesed with Carly's spirit, she saw that Carly was slowly killing Brandy inside. Alice quickly woke up Emma and they ran out side as fast as possible down that long lasting gravel road. When all of a sudden they heard this ear shattering scream and they girls looked in front of them and saw Carly's spirit, a figure shaped like a lowercase f. She was floating above the ground with her hair covering most of her face but you could still see thos blood red eyes staring straight into your soul. The girls screamed and tried to run away but Emma was to slow to keep up with Alice. Carly slowly killed Emma the same way she did with Brandy. Some how Alice got help and she tried to warn everybody, but they just laughed at her. Alice was put into a aslyum, she was placed into a room where she couldn't harm herself. That night Carly paid a visit to Alice, in the morning a guard came to check on her and there was nothing left of her body. Till this day Carly's where abouts are unknown.

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