Psycho Gamer

October 2, 2012
By Anonymous

1 October 2012
Psycho Gamer

Bob knew he shouldn’t be mad at Jack. He knew that it was pointless and wouldn’t do any good, but he didn’t care nor would he ever. All that mattered to Bob in this specific moment was the rage that he had for Jack. Really it was the only thing that seemed important. Like any normal teenage boy Bob went to confront Jack on his way from school.
“Hey, Jack!” yelled Bob.
“Yea, what’s up” said Jack suspiciously.
“You know what!” Bob said accusingly.
“No, I don’t” said Jack.
“Yes, you do!” Bob said.
“Whatever bye.” said Jack.
“I’ll get you, even if I have to chase you to the ends of the earth!” yelled Bob.

Even though Jack exuded a calm demeanor he couldn’t stop himself from shaking when he jogged away from Bob, after all Bob was already a seven foot giant. Also, because of this fear he went to one of his close friends for advice during school.
“Hey Connor!” said Jack.
“Yea Dude,” Connor says.
“I don’t know why but Bob seems to be angry at me for something,” said Jack.
“Angry at you for what?” Connor ask.
“I don’t know, he didn’t say,” Jack said.
“Well can you think of any reasons why?” said Conner.
“Ummmm, oh there is one thing!” said Jack.
“What is it?” ask Connor.
“Well that’s kinda--” said Jack.
“Great God man spit it out!” shouts Conner.
“I made him lose his progress in Gears of Halo Warfare 3,” said Jack.
“Oh my god, do you know what happened to the last guy that messed with his video games?” said Conner.
“No what happened?” said Jack.
“Well, let’s just say nothing pretty and by that I mean he bashed the guys face in with a rock.” said Conner.
“Oh man, what happened to him?” ask Jack.
“Well Bob was suspended for a couple of months and went to therapy. The other guys was in the hospital in critical care for a couple of weeks and then transferred schools,” said Conner.
“Oh god, what am I going to do?” said Jack.
“The only thing that you can do, get him before he gets you,” said Conner

While Jack was discussing a plan of action with Conner, Bob was talking with one of his close friends Adam.
“Man, I still think you are over reacting, all he did was made you lose your progress in a game,” said Adam.
“Shut up! It is not just a game it’s my life!” Bob said.
“Okay, Okay calm down,” said Adam.
“I will not calm down. I can’t ever begin to explain the anger that is burning in my chest,” said Bob.
“Well in that case go to the supermarket for something to drink,” Adam suggested because he knew how much Bob like driving and thought this might calm him down.
“Alright, fine that sounds good to me.” Bob said.
While Bob was getting ready to go to the supermarket Jack was in his car, a beat up old pickup truck, he was going to the supermarket for supplies to protect himself. The two were unintentionally speeding towards the inevitable conflict.

Bob was the first to arrive at the supermarket. He went inside and go some drinks and headed back out to his car until something caught his attention, a beat up old pickup truck parked a couple of spaces away from him.
Is that Jacks truck he said to himself? Immediately Bob sprinted for the truck, reaching it in a few seconds, propelled by his adrenaline and excitement, only to find the truck empty.
“Well guess I’ll just wait for him out here,” Bob said out of breath with a hint of disappointment. While Bob found a hiding place so he could ambush Jack. Jack was on his way out of the supermarket. When Jack reached his truck, he went to open the door and saw a reflection in the side window and just as Bob kicked at Jack. Jack rolled out of the way and the kick hit the side of Jacks truck, adding another huge dent in it.
“What the heck are you doing?” Jack yelled.
“Taking my revenge!” bellowed Bob.
Bob lunged at Jack but Jack was quicker than he realized which caused Bob to face plant on to the ground but bob quickly stood and steadied himself.
“You’re going to pay for that,” Bob growled.
Jack hit Bob with a surprise left then an uppercut but he grabbed Jack’s wrist and head butted him. With one hit Jack was knocked out.
“You know Jack since I’m so nice I don’t think I’ll kill you,” said Bob.
“Well luckily for you I feel a lot better now, so I’ll put you in your truck as a gesture of good faith,” said Bob.
“After today we’re done, GOT IT!” yelled Bob.
“Yeah, I got it.” Jack said weakly. (827)

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