The Old Paed Road

October 2, 2012
By Mahikan BRONZE, Edmonton, Other
Mahikan BRONZE, Edmonton, Other
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The Old Paved Road

I walked seemingly in a trance on a old crumbling road. The sky an abominating orange. The brown old grass thin as a thread. An old cold limestone wall followed as I go on the old paved road. AS I came on a corner on thy old stone road did I notice an unpaved road. The unpaved road looked as if it was newly made because the dirt was a blackly cold colour. I do not know but I climbed that unpaved road. The soil felt so warm on my naked feet, a new energy seemed to sure through my tired body. As I went up that soft warm hill that at the summit sat a pure gold house that seemed to be a light of it’s own.

I do not know why but I went to that golden front door or why I weakly knocked on the door but as I knocked on the front door almost immediately a short fat man answered the door and said “Please come in it I have been waiting for you.” I stepped in to the golden house to be greeted by a beautiful aroma of roses. As I went in thy house a saw an amazing presentations that showed a decade of lamps all held by one gold string. As I was led to the kitchen I saw a presentation of dear head on the wall. I do not know what came over me but I said in a croak “I want.” When my host heard that he took out a black scroll made that was darker the the deepest hole and “Then just sign..” I took the scroll and as I opened it it cut my thumb and my red warm blood spilled the golden page. As soon as my blood hit the scroll everything around me changed the deer heads turned to heads of men screaming in terror. The dacord of golden lamps turned to dark as night flames. The last I heard was “Now you are mine”

The author's comments:
I originally wrote this piece for school for setting. I decided to upload it because I got my best mark in writing with this piece I hope you enjoy it.

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