Zombie attack

October 1, 2012
By Kbowman BRONZE, Marshall, Wisconsin
Kbowman BRONZE, Marshall, Wisconsin
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Hi i’m Erebos, im 15 and i am soooo scared right now because about five weeks ago a virus broke out in washington and spread quickly. It started mutating people and turning them into zombies. My sister Clytia who is 12, my brother Clotho who is 19 and I are still alive.

Our parents died saving us from the zombies. For the longest time we just lived in our house but the zombies started coming in, so our parents gave Clotho the keys to the car some uzis (type of gun) and some pistols and sent us out the back to the car. (it may seem they abandon us but they didn't... they SAVED us) While we were in the car they went back into the house to stall the zombies (because zombies are not very smart) and we drove off while they died.
Now we are living in Wal-Mart. We have been living here for a week now and we still got a lot of food and clothes and stuff. I honestly can't believe they haven't found us yet. This place is so big and you would think that there would be some people in here but we have scouted the store besides the storage because its kind of scary. One minute its really quite and then the next we hear banging on the door and hearing someone yell ¨ HELP!!!!¨ of course i run to the door, but right before i open it Clotho grabs me and doesn't let go.
“Why would you open the door you don’t know if it is a zombie or a human.”
“I have a feeling in my gut that it is a human.”
“But what if it is a zombie.”
“Why would think a zombie can talk ?!?!?!?!?!”
“I have now idea. Clytia should we open...”
Before he could finish Clytia opened the door and the girl rushes in, turns around and shuts the door. she looked really nice. Long black flowing hair, she had to be at least 19. she was skinny and had such a beautiful face.
“Thank you so much for letting me in, for a second i thought you going to leave me out there with those those things” she said
Clytia said “your welcome and what’s your name.”
“my name is Aella i’m 19 years old and the people i were with all died from those things out there.”
“Don’t worry we are alone too. this is my brother Erebos and my brother Clotho.”
“Ok how much food do you got?”
“We still have....” thats all Clytia could get out before Clotho cuts in.
“We have plenty but we are almost out of ammo because of the drive here. we have a car out back but theres little to no gas in it.”
“well did you notice the huge semi outside?”
“theres a huge semi outside? we never went outside so i guess we didn’t see it. also we parked out back and came in through the back.”
“oh well the keys are in the semi and it has a full tank. I don’t know what’s in the back but I’m guessing something useful.”
“ well should we try to get it and leave.”
“I don’t know. Its up to you three.”
“I think we should Clotho.” clytia said.
“Ok then we’re going to go i want you Erebos and me to go and get to the back of the semi and get in it.
Clytia and Aella go to the front and get the truck moving. Erebos follows me. “Lets go meet you too outback.”
“Ok Clotho be safe see you in a little bit.”
As Clotho and I started to head out back I looked at Aella one more time. we had two guns a pistol (which i was holding) and an assault rifle (which Clotho had) we open the the door and get ready to shoot, but there were no zombies at all. So we ran to the car and got in and waited. about two minutes later we hear a high pitched scream. right then and the me and Clotho looked at each other so fast and in unison. we were thinking the same thing ‘thats Clytia’
“should we go and help.”
“No there might be to many of them for us to handle.”
Next thing we know we see 6 people limping toward us. We hear a loud roar and we turn around to see a huge semi coming towards the zombies. Before we know it the zombies got ran over and screeched to a stop waiting on us. I jump out of the car and start running to the back of the semi.
“Clotho hurry.” as i say that i turn around and see the zombies running toward us and Clotho on the ground. “what are you doing Clotho.”
“I tripped and broke my leg when i jumped out of the truck. HELP!”
As I run back to him the zombies are getting closer I reach him and start pulling him to the semi
“you’re going to have to shoot while i pull.”
“Ok so we’re going to go prone.”
“Yah.” As I start to pull him on the semi the zombies are closing in really fast. I close my eyes and lift with all my might. I pull up so hard that i go flying and hit the side of the truck and blackout. I open my eyes and i see Clotho closing the door, so i jump up grab the gun and start shooting the zombies till i run out of ammo and he shut the door. We turn around and see tons of soda and food. We feel the truck start moving and we sit down. Just then i see the huge gap in his leg.
“What happened.”
“nothing. its just a scratch.”
“did they bite you?”
“yea what do you think is going to happen?”
“i have know idea.”
After that talk it was quiet until about 30 to 40 minutes later when we stopped and we heard the door start opening we held the guns like we had ammo. but it was just Aella and Clytia. I also noticed the bite mark on Clytia’s arm too. I was sure it was from the zombies.
“she got bit by the zombies when we were trying to get in. What's wrong with Clotho.”
“he broke his leg and then got bit in that leg.”
“what’s back there, any ammo.”
“no just soda and food.”
After that i regret getting out of the truck and helping Clotho out because at least 100 feet away there was a bunch of zombies coming towards us and i didn't think i had the strength to do it again. Next thing i hear from Clotho is
“I don’t think i’m going to make it you three go i will stall them.”
“If you’re staying I’m staying” Clytia said.
“ no go with th..”
“I’m staying and thats final.”
As me and Aella go to the front of the semi and get in, we hear screaming and yelling i flinch and i start crying. Aella starts up the semi and we drive off. we drive till we found this huge wall/castle thing and two army men standing out of it. We get out of the truck and head towards them and they take a really good look at us and let us in and it was like paradise.

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