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No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk

October 1, 2012
By rkrig33 BRONZE, Malden, Massachusetts
rkrig33 BRONZE, Malden, Massachusetts
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No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk

Everyone knows that a baby's favorite thing is warm milk in their bubba. From the day they arrive in the hospital to about age three sometimes even older. Milk is good for the bones, teeth and healthy growing. No wonder it is a mother's favorite.

Watching the new one year old baby was always fun, and sometimes a hard task even if it was for ten minutes while my sister goes to the store to buy some groceries. The baby would not fall asleep if there was not warm milk in her system so you would always have to heat her up a nice eight ounces of warm milk on the stove.

As I am running around with the child who is more compared to a monkey than a child, I was awaiting my sister's arrival from the store. After what seemed to be a few hours my sister arrived home. She brought in bag after bulging bag of groceries to feed her three kids and her husband. Everything from fruit to poultry was being brought in.

I got concerned after my sister went to go retrieve the last few things in her gray Honda Pilot, she was outside for a good ten minutes. So I put the baby's shoes on as well as mine to make sure she did not need any assistance taking in the last few groceries. I was about to open the door when I heard something fall and some high pitched noise followed after.

As I was walking outside to see what in the world was going on I seen my sister sitting on the stairs laughing so hard she was crying. Face was beet red and she was trying to tell me something. I then saw the direction she was pointing in and set the baby down to walk. I walked over to her open hatchback trunk and seen what was so funny. A huge gallon of milk had tipped over and out of the car when she opened the trunk. I assume the milk was rested up against the door when she had opened the trunk. The gallon of milk was then trickling slowly down her driveway. My sister in tears from her laughter could not even grab the hose to clean the milk. The baby even looked confused seeing her midnight snack stream down the driveway. The only words my sister could spit out were "well I guess they were right about life, you can’t cry over spilled milk", these words took about 20 minutes for her to spit out.

After my sister calmed down she took the baby in and started dinner, I was so hungry I told her I would clean the mess as long as dinner would be made quicker. As soon as she heard that I would clean the mess she started cooking right away. When the two kids got home I was stilling cleaning the milk out of the driveway. The kids walked over to me and stared at me strange. They asked me, “What are you doing?” I told them that their mom spilt the milk when she opened the trunk of the car. They started laughing and ran into their mom and asked if she went to go get more milk so the baby would fall asleep tonight. She said no not yet I had bad luck with milk tonight and told them that their dad was picking it up after work. Everyone was laughing until the father got home and saved the day with a new gallon of milk that wasn’t spilled on the ground. We heated up the milk for the baby and the baby finally went to sleep later that night.

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