Behind the Crimson Door

May 13, 2008
By Manuel Manick, Hillsdale, MI

It was a cloudy, gloomy day in the woods. Natas was yelling down the path.
“Ian, Lucy, come on, stop walking so slow,” said Natas.
Considering he was an artist from the big city, he was eager to get to a hill out of the woods. They were in a wooded area, and the sun was going down. Natas had run ahead of the two; a black cat had crossed his path and he ran after it. Ian and Lucy weren’t trying hard to catch up, they had wanted some alone. Back at the cabin they planned to go on a walk alone, but Natas insisted on going with them. Natas, not knowing that they desired alone time, insisted on going along with the couple. As he running he lost the cat, but soon found it again, he continued chasing the cat farther and farther along the path. Natas came up to a fork in the path. The black cat continued down the right. Natas stopped before the path, he didn’t want to get separated from Ian and Lucy, but curiosity got the best of Natas and he followed the cat.
Moments later, Ian and Lucy, now far behind Natas, came upon the fork in the path. Ian and Lucy had never seen the path before, and somehow, warning told them not go along this way. The desire to be alone and get away from Natas took control, and they continued down the path despite the feeling of danger crawling up through their backs.
“Come on, lets walk faster, maybe if we’re lucky we can lose him,” said Ian wickedly.
“Alright,” Lucy replied. “You’re so mean”
“I’ll show you mean,” Ian said.
Ian started trickling her and chasing her, suddenly Ian fell.
“Are you okay honey?” said Lucy.
“Ouch, yeah, stupid rock,” Ian groaned.

Lucy helped Ian up and as they stood talking, they both realized a building they had never seen before. The building seemed to materialize out of thin air.
“Wow...Lets go in!” said Ian excitingly.
“I don’t want to,” Lucy replied. Ian could hear the fear in her voice.
“C’mon sweetie, it’ll be fine, and maybe even a little fun! Think of it as an adventure,” Ian said.
Natas eventually losing the cat in the woods, decided to go back.
“Hey guys,” Natas yelled.
“Where you at?” he yelled again.
He backtracked and went down the same path that Ian and Lucy had chosen.
“This isn’t funny!”
He started to realize that they had tried losing him. Finally he found them somewhat down the path.
“Are you okay?” Natas asked.
He found Lucy crawling on the ground, and Ian was walking around like a dead, newly done zombie.
“Hey, are you gonna answer me!” Natas said.

“Whoa,” said Natas.
He was so puzzled his challenged mind explained everything on his face.
“Are you okay?” said Natas.
An obvious blunt answer would’ve answered that rhetorical question. Ian and Lucy were foaming viciously from the mouth, and both of their eyes had turned pure white.

“MMMMMMMM,” said Ian.
Ian seemed not to be able to talk either. Fear took grip of Natas. Natas started screaming for Ville. His lungs seemed ready to burst when he seen Ville pull up in his horse buggy. Ville got out and ran over to Natas.
“What’s wrong?!” Ville asked. He looked over and seen Ian and Lucy.
“What the heck happened to them?” Ville asked again.
“I don’t know!” Natas replied, “I lost them, came back to find them, and found them like this!”
Ville ran back to the buggy and pulled it closer. Together Natas and Ville loaded Ian and Lucy to the back of the buggy. Ville and Natas were both confused and frightened at the same time. They didn’t know what to do, but to come back and try to find out what happened to them.
“We’re gonna find where this happened!” said Ville.
“Alright” replied Natas, “We’ll just follow their footsteps and find what happened.”
They dropped off Ian and Lucy into the cabin, and jumped back onto the horse buggy. They eventually got to the fork in the path, and took the left fork. They got out of their cart and looked at Lucy and Ian’s footsteps. As they followed the steps the same black cat that had crossed Natas’ path earlier, ran past them again.
“There’s that black cat again!” said Natas.
“That think looks evil,” replied Ville.

The cat then ran pass Natas and jumped on Ville. He fought and struggled to get the cat off his face, but its claws were entangled in his shirt. The car dug its claws in him fiercely as it hissed viciously, as if to bite him. Ville fearfully and furiously smacked the cat off him and started chasing it. By the time he caught it he was angry, with all his might he threw it into the tree. The cat squealed as it hit the tree, Ville could hear bones crack, and the cat landed with a thump on the ground.
Ville was now far, but visible from Natas. As soon as the car was thrown into the tree, out of nowhere a bolt of lighting struck amongst the sky. He had a fearful look of bewilderment die to the oddness of hearing lighting after killing the cat. Ville ran back to Natas.
Natas said, “Hey look, a building, I’m gonna go in!”
“Alright,” Ville replied, thinking nothing of it. Instantly as he opens the door an intense bright light is thrown outside from inside the building. The door is shut fiercely behind him. The bright light attracts Ville, and he starts walking toward the building.
As Natas walks in, the place is so beautiful. It is another world never heard of. It’s a bright, beautiful place with everything that’s beautiful of your wildest dreams. He sees artwork floating, a pile of money floats by him, and boat full of women are waving at him. Hi is so happy and sure he wants to stay. Then at that point, the light starts getting brighter and brighter, so he grabs the door and jumps out.
Ville’s about thirty feet away from the crimson door and he sees Natas jump out.
“Are you okay Na-,” Ville started to ask.
He trips over a rock and blacks out. Natas has now lost memory of everything. He has no idea where he is or who he is. He eyes are purely white, but he can still see. He grabs Ville and wakes him up; trying to speak, but he can’t.
“Oh my gosh,” said Ville, “This is crazy!”
Ville then tries to speak, but is silenced by the fear of everything going happening all at once. He grabs Natas’ hand and starts walking at a really fast pace.
“Let’s go,” Ville said, “before its too late!”

Ville gets about five steps away and suddenly the crimson door begins to shake rapidly. Ville looks back at the door as it is shaking, as if twenty people were trying to barge through it. Light seeps out of the cracks and the door gets busted down. Out flies an enormously large butterfly. This is no ordinary butterfly, its wings are the size of the buggy and its fangs are sharp as the swords of a knight. The butterfly is bright and beautiful, but the head of evil. As it grabs Ville, he can see the evil redness in its eyes. Ville fights with it and struggles for his life, its venomous green oozing fangs dig into his side. Ville screams for his life, he hits the butterfly with a log and it almost hits the ground. The butterfly wraps him in his wings; he’s unable to move. The butterfly flies into the door. Natas is left trying to find a place to go, a person for help, or just something to stop his blank mind.
“Let go of me!” Ville is screaming.
“Where are you taking me?” he screamed again.
The butterfly brought him through the crimson door to the other world. He sees the most beautiful fascinating life ever seen. His dreams are encountered to him as he’s being pulled. His dreams appear to be the most important things in his life; music notes, a guitar, his favorite place to be in his backyard when he writes his music, and most importantly; his ex-wife. He’s brought farther than the others; farther and farther. He eventually sees a cocoon, and farther down, an enormous spider web. He sees spiders as big as the butterfly carrying him. He’s now horrified and is scared enough to the point of wanting to die. The butterfly squeals and throws Ville onto the spider web. The spiders wrap him saving him as a meal for later. He is now their sacrifice due to his ignorance of killing the black cat that was thrown into the tree. He screams for his life, but is just stuck there until his death sentence has come to him.

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