September 28, 2012
By Anonymous

Hands grasped tightly together, the young couple strolled slowly side by side. A comfortable silence floated between their bodies. The summer moon beams caressed their connected silhouettes. The wind whispered through the tall oak trees that lined the cobble stone path. Everything was in slow motion; the peacefulness of the night slowed the busy city to a crawl. All the birds were safely tucked away in their nests. The couple seemed to be the only life that wasn’t fast asleep, awaiting the coming day. The night is a time for lovers; the dark is a place of peace and shared secrets. A time for love to be felt not heard; a moment where silence can make a person whole, and tender caring blossoms like a budding rose. The couple strolled as if on their own cloud. In their own private world they snuggled close and held conversation made from slight touches of the hands or lips gracing the forehead. Their love enabled them to know each other without any hints. The closeness of their bodies was a sweet embrace of a companionship that went deep into the soul. The feelings alone enveloped them in a bodiless bond of friends; soul mates. Their futures were entwined by a connection that passes between a brushing of the lips. She was soft and innocent and he was rough and callous, but together they fit like the last two pieces of a puzzle. They completed each other; two halves made whole. A love so deep that an emotion so basic and raw was made visible and given a shape. It was the beauty in her smile, and the twinkle in his eye. It was the simple gesture of palm resting on a knee or the rasp of stubble when laying cheek to cheek. The simply uncomplex acts brought out a bigger picture. The couple unaware of the specialness of their relationship didn’t question the bond but just loved and were loved. That was all they needed.

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