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September 27, 2012
By tecna BRONZE, Hamilton, New Jersey
tecna BRONZE, Hamilton, New Jersey
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"Don't wait for tomorrow cause you would never get today back"

Not everybody might know that but sometimes there's some things you got to keep as a secret not even your parents should know about it, they your parent true, they might be scared of you or think you're a freak that's why i keep things to myself. A few weeks ago i noticed some changes on me but i didn't know what they were so i do what normal teenager does go online and see what i can found then i figure that i was half human half cat i was freaked i couldn't believe it i mean that is so not normal not every 16 year old girl is half human half cat right so i got to call my best friend Elizabeth we called her Lizzy and tell her that so i tell her everything, i know what you thinking why didn't i tell my parents, instead of my friend but the reason is she told me everything we never keeps thing from each other so i had to tell her so she came over so we went to that little restaurant next to my house and we was talking then when we was coming home from the restaurant we were joking the suddenly i see those groups of people coming at us we thought they were drunk cause you found that often in L.A. Then those group of people stop right in front front of us and one of them say "well if it isn't Karoline" i was shocked he knows me so i went "sorry you got me mix up with someone else" my parents always tell me not to talk to strangers so i took Lizzy hands and try to ditch them then they all run after me then i began to worried then one of them pushed me so took him from the neck and throw him away and we run and when i get home i asked my mom to take Lizzy home then she asked me if every-thing's okay i lied i said yes then i went in my room then my phone ring and the person that called me said "you won't be lucky next time".

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