My Neighborhood; Is Unlike Yours

September 27, 2012
By , Marietta, NY
My Neighborhood; Is Unlike Yours

Your neighborhood is where you grow up. Everyone knows most of the people that live in their neighborhood. Your neighborhood can help to create lifelong friends. From your neighborhood people can even reflect on how people live their lives. Some people may just see a plain street, but to me, this is a sense of safety and that “good to be home” feeling is what creates a great neighborhood. Whether your neighborhood is in a city or in the country, busy or quiet, your neighborhood is a part of your upbringing and develops who you are.
What can I say about my neighborhood? There isn’t really anything too impressive. My family is only like one of ten families living on my street, they are separated due to the massive cornfields on the street. The main event in my town is a monthly tractor pull at the town’s volunteer firehouse, which everyone goes to. The Contrasts of houses on the street is incredible, you have houses that have been standing for over hundreds of years. Then, you have houses that have been built in the past couple of years. People may think when you turn on my street that it is going to be filled with houses, but then it opens up and it’s farmland and cornfields with a few houses scattered around in between the cornfields. Throughout the year you may be able to hear a mooing cow from farms off in the distance. You can always hear dirt bikes, ATV’s, lawnmowers, snowmobiles, and tractors through most of the year. Late at night the howls of coyotes are heard in the distance.
There may not be a lot going on in my neighborhood but the wonderful climate we have in Central New York makes it a beautiful place to live. If you drive during the winter on my road, you better be careful because the wind is humming, which causes major snowdrifts. No matter how well you prepare for the winter, you can never prepare for the howling winds that can sometimes reach upwards of thirty miles per hour . With the winds reaching high speeds, you have to watch out for snowdrifts, which can easily push a car off the road and place them into the ditch. With all the farms around my neighborhood, the air tends to have a vile smell during the growing season because of the manure that is spread in the fields. During the fall, you can find an abundance of pumpkins and you can smell the wonderful fragrance of the apples, cider and pies coming from the local orchards.
It might not be the most ideal location, but I wouldn’t trade in my neighborhood for a different one. All the memories from my neighborhood are all irreplaceable and I’ll never forget them for the rest of my life. Even if I didn’t live in this neighborhood, I wonder if my life would be any different or would it be similar to the one I have right now.

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