Dear Abby

September 26, 2012
By Lin5dsy GOLD, Carthage, Maine
Lin5dsy GOLD, Carthage, Maine
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Dear Abby,

No matter what I do, what I try, how I try, my cat does not like me. I try to hold her, try to give her attention, but she runs away. I holler for her and she never comes. Aren’t cats suppose to be affectionate? Every night I try to place her at the end of my bed, I knitted her a special blanket and everything, but she refuses to lay there. She’ll walk up around my head so I grab her and say “Kaboodles, you need to stay on your special blanket,” but she never listens to me. When I try to brush her hair she hisses and scratches me. I even got her the brush that was suppose to feel good to the cat. How do I get my cat to like me?


Forever Alone Without a Loving Cat

Dear Forever Alone Without a Loving Cat,

First of all, you named your cat Kaboodles? Ever thought that’s why she doesn’t like you? Maybe if you were to call her something NORMAL like Sally or simply Kitty she would come near you more. And when she walks up around your head at night, don’t you think she wants some attention then? She’ll come to you when she wants your affection. Also, cats don’t speak English, she won’t understand you when you want her to stay. Cats clean their own coat as well, it won’t need to be brushed after licking the same spot about a hundred times. Let her do her thing! Get her some damn cat treats and maybe she’ll come closer to you sometime.

- Abby

The author's comments:
This is not a real entry for Dear Abby, an advice column in the paper. I wrote both parts of this piece.

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