The Girl and her Wolves

September 26, 2012
By Yin-chan BRONZE, Grapevine, Texas
Yin-chan BRONZE, Grapevine, Texas
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The wolf just stared at me with its icy blue eyes. It was obviously male. He was white and stern with a handsome face. He started deep into my dark blue eyes like he could feel my pain…the pain of not being wanted by anyone. I was alone in this world. Was he as well? My waist length blonde hair blew in the wind and I shivered. It was snowing out here and I couldn’t take much more. I was at the verge of collapsing. The wolf padded toward me with his ears twitching as he left paw prints in the snow. He licked my cheek, his tongue wet and I couldn’t help but laugh. Did he want me to follow him? I took my chances and followed him.

He led me to a den that was bigger than any I had ever seen. The wolf nodded to this damp cave. Did he want me to go in? I decided I might as well. I crouched down onto my knees and crawled in. He traveled closely behind me. I managed to slither all the way to the wall. He hunkered down beside me to warm me with his fur. Was he…protecting me? I pet his furry head, lightly.

“Thank you, boy.” I whispered before falling into a deep slumber. I could say I didn’t have many dreams…close to none but I did have one tonight. I had parents in my dream…nothing special. They would likely betray me sooner or later and well, they did. My parents had begun to drown me in a lake…it hurt. My throat and lungs filled with water.

I woke up to see the worried wolf nudging me. I must have turned a lot. I hugged him, tightly.

“Well boy…do you have a name?” He just looked at me, blankly and yawned. Oh yeah, wolves can’t talk. Duh. “My name is Yin. I think I’ll call you Winter.” He wagged his fluffy tail, furiously. He must like that name. I kissed his forehead and scratched behind his pointy ears. He turned his head and ran out of the cave before I could stop him. I quickly followed.

“Hey! Winter, wait!” I finally crept out of Winter’s home and chased him. He slowed down a little so I could tail him. He lowered his belly close to the white ground. I just looked at him like I was an idiot. I lay on the ground as well, deciding it might be best. This wolf was looking at something, intensely. I peered through the bushes, noticing a plump white rabbit in the clearing…easy pickings for Winter.

He dashed out from the bushes. Once the rabbit spotted him, it dashed away although it was too late. Winter was on its tail and caught up, catching the rabbit in his jaws and killing it. He dropped the kill at his feet and threw his head back, howling loudly. I knew it was a victory howl.

I ran towards him, nearly tripping in the snow. He nudged the rabbit toward me, wanting me to eat. I tried my best not to make a bad face and It wasn’t the best time to be picky so I did. He helped tear into it. I looked at the dead creature, keeping myself from puking. I felt so bad for it but I started eating anyway, I had no other choice. I couldn’t just go to a store and buy something.

What if it had babies? What if it had a mate? I shook my head. Maybe the rabbit was a mean one who picked on others. I shook my head to get that stupid thought out of my head. Winter ate as well, his muzzle bloody and my mouth was no different.

A howl echoed, high in the sky. Both Winter and I glanced around. This howl was much larger than my wolf companion’s and…scarier.

A dark black wolf with amber eyes stepped into the clearing. He was a little bigger than Winter. They both growled at each other. Blood from the rabbit dripped down Winter’s mouth as he bared his teeth.

The two wolves lunged at each other, clawing and biting the other. Blood splattered all over the ground. This sight was terrible. I couldn’t take anymore of this fighting.

“Stop…Stop!” I ran toward both of them, oblivious to my own safety. Fortunately Winter saw me get in front of them and skidded to a stop, almost bumping into me.

I dropped to my knees and hugged him. His pure white fur was stained with his blood. The black wolf stepped toward us, snarling and I turned to him. He was just as injured as Winter.

I stretched my hand to the dark wolf. He sniffed it and then licked my palm, getting it wet. It also tickled. He wasn’t so bad. Maybe he was just protecting his territory…or maybe he was hungry.

I picked up the half-eaten rabbit and handed it to him. He took a greedy bite.

“I’ll call you Shadow.” I smiled, kindly and pet behind his ears. He wagged his tail, happily. I stood up, wiping the snow from my knees. “Come on. Let’s wash you guys up.” I walked into the woods as the two traveled closely behind.

We were at the lake now. It was so pretty. It would be cold, but at least there was no ice and it wasn’t deep. I clapped and ran into the lake. It was freezing! But it was also so fun. I didn’t have soap so I scrubbed the two wolves with my hands. I then washed the blood from my mouth.

It was night now. I brought Shadow to the cave. Winter seemed to like Shadow now. Shadow lay on his stomach, allowing his fur to be a pillow for my head. Winter laid his head on my chest. I hugged him, gently and we all went to sleep. These two would be a better family than any people I had to deal with.

The author's comments:
My love for wolves.

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