The Unforgiving

September 26, 2012
By hotchicky101 PLATINUM, Muskego, Wisconsin
hotchicky101 PLATINUM, Muskego, Wisconsin
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There once was a girl named Destiney and she was a girl who all ways hurt her self. Everyone called her, “The Emo” and they act out slicing their wrist when she turns to her name, she hangs her head in shame. Destiney waits till the time she goes home. She walks in the door to her house her mother says, “Hello, Darling how was school.’
“Not good, everyone is calling me emo again and this time they were acting out slicing their wrist.” Destiney was weeping.
“I think you had enough of the kids bugging you about it. So I’ll take care of it for you in the morning.”
Destiney heads to her room murdering, “Everyone would be better off without me here.”
She stares into the mirror and says, “One more time and everyone shall get it.”
The next day she started to head to school and this girl named Alexia told her, “Hey there… Destiney you want to be best friends and have sleepover and stab each other till we bleed.”
“OK, THAT IS IT.” And Destiney punched Alexia in the face and Alexia started to bleed and Alexia got hurt really bad she had to go to the hospital because Destiney had broken her leg and both of her arms.
Two weeks later Alexia came back to school and found that Destiney had killed her-self because she couldn’t take anymore of anyone and then one night she was gone. Alexia decided to show up at Destiney’s funeral to apologize about everything, but Destiney’s family and friends told her that she is unforgiving and they don’t ever want to see her again because she is the reason that Destiney died. Then every day Alexia always had to think about what she had done to Destiney the rest of her life.


The author's comments:
I was inspired to wirte this because most of this is almost true from my life

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