More then a plate

September 26, 2012
By erin_chalp BRONZE, Aubrun, New York
erin_chalp BRONZE, Aubrun, New York
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The colors of it go great in my living room with its shades of red, orange, yellow,

gold, green, silver and black. It looks so shiny like when you touch it your going to fall in

love; its hypnotizing. The circles on it look like UFO’s, it looks like there is a fish

with one eye, bubbles flowing above it as it breaths and swims. And when you touch it

it's like touching something unreal, so soft and smooth. This plate is so colorful, so

cheerful it brings a joyous and happy feeling when I look at it. The plate sitting in my

living room is so unique and so interesting, there's so many ways to describe it other than

just a plate.

I first lay my hand on the plate and start moving up, feeling the four bubbles from

the fish. They pop out of the plate and your fingers just glide over them because it is

so smooth. It looks like the fish’s bubbles just floating in the air in the deep "red" sea as

if an attack had taken place there. Then as you keep gliding your hand up it becomes

smooth, on a black surface finally getting to the first “UFO". I can feel the first bump as

if it is the outer, circular layer of the space ship, continuing to move my hand up feeling

another bump as if it is the inner part of the space ship.

Moving my fingertips to the left I glide down the two bumps of the “UFO"

going onto a smooth black surface, once again, finally coming to a bump leading to the

"fish’s tail". The tail is reddish-orange as if it were swimming through a "red sea". I can

feel two little grooves in the tail as my fingers are moving down the plate. Then I get to

its yellowish gills as I am moving down the fish, I go over six gills. Then I finally come

to the smooth orange and gold body, moving closer to the eye. The eye of the fish

makes it look mean and fierce. The outer layer is black going in to the color of the eye

which is like a gold color, finally into the pupil which is red and freaky.

Then I am slowly moving to the right going over a bump and up the side of the

plate starting to move my fingertips up, not to the right. This part of the plate is orange

and as I am moving up my fingers go over four bumps, alternating colors of red and

orange. Then it goes black again, the same black smooth surface as before. I keep moving

up finally coming to another, more bigger "UFO“. I go over the first bump, feeling

the outside layer of the UFO, then feeling the inner part of the UFO, admiring its

yellow and silver color. Then my hand finally just falls off of the plate and it's like back

to the reality of "it's just a plate".

When I feel this plate, with its texture and smoothness, it’s like going into a

dream. I get lost in my own little world. When I really start observing this plate I see way

more than a plate, I see what's on the plate and I see more then what meets the eye.

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