September 25, 2012
By nickcamp BRONZE, Auburn, New York
nickcamp BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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America is a very different place than the rest of the world.
American citizens do things here that citizens in other countries cannot.

Over the years America had achieved freedoms that many other countries do not have. For example America’s government is called a democracy. This means that the citizens have a say in our government. We vote for which representatives we feel deserve to be in office. Americans can also run for a political spot themselves.

Also Americans participate in many sporting events that other countries do not have. For example, The sport that sticks out the most and is typically most American would be football. Football is played with two teams and the object is to run the ball into the end zone to score points. Football is one of the most popular sports in our country.

One of the other well known American pastimes is Nascar. Nascar is a car racing sport where drivers race around the same oval track making only left turns over and over again. I personally find this very boring and uneventful to watch. But I guess millions of Americans can’t be wrong. Another American classic that goes hand in hand with nascar is PBR (Pabts Blue Ribbon). PBR is a low quality beer that many Americans drink, particularly when watching nascar. Anytime PBR is being consumed it always calls for a rowdy good time.

But one of the most American sport would have to be baseball. Baseball originated in America and stayed in America for quite a while. But now it is played throughout the world. Baseball is almost always played in a big stadium with many Americans attending. It is one of the most exhilarating atmospheres to be in. The cheers from the fans and that sound of the ball cracking against the bat just really gets Americans going. Also the stadium food is a big hit. It is all very simple food but it hits the spot for many Americans. The meals consist of either hotdogs, popcorn or peanuts just to name a few. Americans also take their sporting events very seriously. Sometimes Americans break into huge fights to defend their teams honor.

One big difference between America and other countries is the food. American food is typically mostly friend and very unhealthy but boy is it delicious. The food that come to mind first would have to be the hotdog. A hotdog is a combination of leftover meats and meat byproducts incased in a sausage like skin. Personally, I think the are not very appetizing at all but then again millions of Americans cant be wrong. The other food that sticks out in my mind is French fries. French fries are potatoes cut thin in sticks and fried in hot oil until the are golden brown. Despite their name they were not originated in France French fries were made in America.

America was also the first place to have fast food restaurants. At a fast food place you can pull your car right up to the window, order your food and pay in less than five minutes. This is one of the many contributing factors to Americas growing obesity factor. Although I’m not proud to admit it, America is the most obese country in the world.

But on a lighter note America was the first country to introduce amusement parks. An amusement park is a place where the whole family can enjoy a day of riding rides, playing carnival style games and enjoying delicious food.

Over the years America has evolved into a place that is different from the rest of the world. But many countries are now catching on to the great things our great country has to offer.

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