Under the Rug

September 21, 2012
By ryugana BRONZE, Newport, California
ryugana BRONZE, Newport, California
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Two weeks passed and it happened again
"I came back" snarled the Lump under the rug "Now your time has come"
"Another day, please!" gasped Arthur, trying to hide, to get as far away from his fate as he could.
"One day, and one day only" growled the Lump, as it moved towards the edge of the rug
Arthur watched, curiosity overpowering his fear, but the Lump was nonexistent unless under a rug, no one had ever seen it.
"Tomorrow." Arthur whispered, and then his words sunk in.
"TOMORROW!" he screamed, then grabbed his rug, his red, million-dollar, custom made rug and threw it out the window.
"Now he can never come back" he thought "I'm safe."


Then came the next day. Arthur was in the same room as before.
"I will never die" he gloated, thinking of how he had tricked the Lump.
"Now that the rug is gone I can do whatever I want!"
Suddenly, Arthur saw something out of the corner of his eye.
Something red.
His rug.
It was in the same place as before he had gotten rid of it, except for one difference - the Lump was back.
In desperation, Arthur grabbed a chair, lifted it over his head, and slammed it down on the lump.

The Lump was gone, flattened by the chair.
Arthur relaxed, set down the chair and sat down. Then, he looked at his hand.
"I told you your time had come." Whispered the Lump under his skin. "Now you are going to die!"


Elsa stopped washing dishes and put on her headphones. She didn't want to be the one who had to check on the master's scream. He was an awful tyrant and she didn't want to have to answer to his beck and call. After all, she had been the one who had carried that ugly red rug up the twenty flights of stairs. Elsa figured she would tell him after his "fit" was over.
As she finished washing dishes, Elsa wondered why Arthur was such an evil trillionaire.

He didn't deserve to live.

The author's comments:
Inspired by "Under the Rug" from 'The Mysteries of Harris Burdick'

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