Water Angels

September 21, 2012
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The ice closed over his head as he sank down into the lake. The trolley was a fading blur, sinking fast and landing with a muffled thud on the muddy floor. The leaves and sticks from the bottom of the lake flew around, catching on his face and scratching his freezing cheeks. A few bodies drifted aimlessly near the surface of the water, separating the fragmented ice blocks, looking from above like pale, aquatic snow angels. He counted four men, three women, and one child. He thought he saw a few heads and feet deep below him, but couldn’t be sure of their state of existence, and didn’t particularly care to check. He felt his chest start to ache, and suddenly realized that he hadn’t breathed in at least a minute now. He went to lift his arms to propel himself upwards, but they never rose. He looked down and saw his limbs hanging limply below him, a pale white-blue with deep purple veins coursing through his arms. He attempted to kick his legs, but still he remained a floating marble statue in the chilling darkness. With no way to reach the top, a shrill whine of panic and fear pierced his mind as, with a jolt, his fate was realized. A woozy black frame began to creep into his vision. The bodies on either side of him disappeared into the foggy black lace that continued to fade inwards. The constricted clench that held his chest tightened and he could feel the broken shell of his body begin to tear away from his soul. The blackness closed into a tiny flickering pinpoint of light, then was suddenly snuffed out, and he slowly floated up to join the rest of the angels.

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Shadowpomgurl said...
Sept. 24, 2012 at 3:14 pm
well, its extremely well-written, but...a trifle depressing? ;) jk, lotsa my stuff is too. liked the detail
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