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September 21, 2012
By 2015aensley BRONZE, Jenison, Michigan
2015aensley BRONZE, Jenison, Michigan
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Basketball Life by Alex Ensley

Jack was walking onto the basketball court and his coach walked up and said “Jack I need you to start to shoot the ball” “ok” he said. Jack was shooting for hours so he could improve his game and take the team to another championship and add another trophy to his collection and the schools. Everyday Jack is either in the gym trying to improve his game or is in the weight room trying to gain muscle. When Jack gets home his mom asked him “how was your day’ and Jack said “the usual’ then he goes up to his room that is filled with basketball posters,basketball trophies,smelly sneakers,and his professional basketball. He will go on the internet and see basketball moves that he can try and learn to break a defender and get to the hoop. He watches nba highlights to see how they shoot the ball,dribble,and defend another player. He hangs out with friends and plays other sports but not as much as basketball. He plays on his school team as their point guard and everyone respects him with what he does to improve his game and the teams. The last two seasons he was mvp of the high school league and hopes to make it a third year as he becomes a senior. He wants to be drafted into the nba but doesn’t care about what team because he knows that he plays hard and trains hard and will get much respect from everyone. Everyday he is playing basketball even in the off season he is in tournaments and practicing for his dream. His friends will ask him “why do you train and play basketball so much” and he always answers with “Basketball is life”. After everyone of his games he pats the team on the back and gos to the other games to cheer and help the other players on the jv and freshman team. Jack has a passion for the game and can’t stop playing and he will get to where he wants to go.

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A boy and his dream

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