The Loss of the Lone Wolf

September 13, 2012
By iWolfPrincess BRONZE, North Las Vegas, Nevada
iWolfPrincess BRONZE, North Las Vegas, Nevada
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A long time ago there was a lone wolf. He would always travel alone, hunt alone, and sleep alone. Not once did he even think about a companion. On one starry night however, all of that changed...
The lone wolf was running in the forest. After a few minutes he got thirsty, so he decided to go get a drink at the lake. He started to take a sip from the lake, and as he looked up there she was...
It was a female wolf! The lone wolf could not believe it! As he saw her his eyes widen and his mouth hung wide open; his heart began to beat faster and faster. Lone wolf was shocked at what was happening. He asked himself "How is this possible?!"
The female wolf looked at him and smiled. He smiled back and it was love at first sight! He could not believe how beautiful she was. He walked over to her, nuzzled her neck, and they both went over to lone wolf's cave to rest for the night...
The morning that followed, lone wolf woke up before his love. He decided not to wake her up, so he walked out of the cave quietly with a smile on his face. However, his happiness turned into confusion. He saw a young lady standing by the tree. He walked over to her, curious about who she was. When he got closer he noticed that she had a very worried look on her face. When she saw him she frowned a little.
"You poor thing," she began to say.
Lone wolf was confused. "What do you mean?"
She frowned even more as she bit down on her lower lip. "My dear wolf...I'm afraid you're going to lose your love very soon."
Lone wolf could not believe what he was hearing!
He snarled at the young lady. "That's not possible!"
"Oh, but it is! It will be a starry night just like the night you two met, and on that night she will die a very painful, slow death."
Lone wolf just laughed. "Why should I believe you! You're just an insane lady that is talking a whole bunch of nonsense!"
As he walked away, the young lady shook her head in disappointment and vanished.
Then the night after the warning came. Lone wolf and his love were out in the woods, hunting. Lone wolf was not worried at all about the lady's warning. In the next minute however, all of that changed. There they were, standing in front of them...the hunters. One of them gave a devious smile to lone wolf. He snarled at him ferociously.
"Run my love!" He exclaimed.
They both ran quickly for their lives.
They ran as fast as they can, but the hunters were catching up! Finally. the hunters caught up to them and in a split second his love fell to the ground, wounded by one of the arrows that the hunters shot.
"NOOOOOO!" Yelled lone wolf as he saw his mate fall to the ground. He looked at the hunters, snarled, and killed all of them in an instant. After killing off the devious hunters, lone wolf then walked back to his love.
She was laying there covered in blood, with the arrow right in her heart. She whimpered in pain as she laid there. Lone wolf was shedding tears. He regretted not listening to the lady. As he was crying his love said her last and final words: "I love you." Surely after that she passed away...
Early dawn came and lone wolf was still sitting there, by his lover's side. The days went by and he still sat by her side, mourning over her corpse. Every time something would get near her body, he will growl at it to make it go away. Every time he growled he created a thunderstorm. When he would howl in agony he would cause lightning. To this day, he still sits by her side, still regretting the lost of her soul.

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