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September 16, 2012
By tearsandashes SILVER, Three Rivers, Michigan
tearsandashes SILVER, Three Rivers, Michigan
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LiVe, LoVe, LaUgH.

She was glowing beautiful glow. It shined off her a face as though sheens of sparkle and every beauty was covering her not the sweaty, ugly, pale, glow of the other girls. Her slightly wet very dark an daring curly hair hung tightly bound right next to her head not a single strand out of place. Her lightly tan skin an pink lips were contained calm, and it saddens me to say this but slightly depressed. I could tell she wasn’t happy here she didn’t want to do this job it was not her choice of job but the one given to her. She was probably raised being told this was the job she was to have, that it was perfect an ideal for her. I would also bet any money she wouldn’t give this job up ether. The fingers of her hands were gripping a stack of papers she rushed down the hall phone by her small red ears jewels, whether they were fake or real I had not the slightest knowledge, dangled by them red and gold an orange like flames dancing in a fire. Her walk was picturesque she fluttered like butterfly pranced like a ballerina twisted and swirled like a vine all in perfect rhythm a musical right in front of my face she was. But yet she hardly moved at all out of a straight line, she never lost her balance, and always stayed that same straight face her smile only appearing out the sight of her young patient’s children, or at the sight of the now fatherless child she had bared herself. Her head probably would’ve hung down but she was concentrating far too much for that to even attempt happening. I closed leaned back in my chair and drifted into a peaceful sleep a waited and waited and waited to be woken up and to see the sibling my mother had. I gripped my arms tighter around my now motherless child holding her as close to me as I could

The author's comments:
After hanging out with my boyfreind on our anniversary I thought up this.

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