September 15, 2012
By Anonymous

It's a dark night. Everyone is wearing masks and trench coats with hoods. I have no idea where in the world I am. I am shaking so hard that my teeth are chattering. All I hear are people singing low mellow music that gives me the feeling I should watch out. I don't listen to my instincts, but I know I should. It is storming, and the clouds are crying with me.

"It is she!" Some female shouts out, and I am pretty sure she means me. I was right, because, before I know it, what seems like billions of people are surrounding me. The only light to see with is the occasional glowing lighting bugs and a few people with lanterns.At least I think, I think that they are people. I am not sure, though, the way they're taunting me and following me, following me with their devil eyes and pitchforks. They seem more like Monsters of Madness in some sort of klan to kill innocent people like a bird and a worm.

"What are you talking about?! What did I do?! Why me?!" I cry, "I didn't do a single thing wrong! I didn't steal or murder or lie! I read the Bible every single night before I go to bed, so, please, I am begging you, tell me what I did so terrible!"

"You know what you did! Do not lie to us! You are a traitor! I know what you did; We all know what you did!" A man, who seems to be in his late thirties or early forties, shouts.

I throw my hands up to show my surrender, "No, you are mistaken! You have the wrong girl! You have confused me for some other-"

"How dare you call me a liar!" He cuts me off saying 'you' like I am something disgusting that he can not bare thinking about for another second longer, "You are in no position young lady!" I recognize the familiar voice, but I cannot place it.

"But sir, I honestly have no idea! I promise on my sister's life!" My face is now mixed with rain water, tears, sweat, frustration, and, most of all, confusion.

"Then I assume your sisters', along with your own life, will soon be terminated," he said in a nonchalant voice, like it was something he said and heard on a regular basis.

They all get closer and closer until I get claustrophobic and have to take a step back to catch my breath, only to find out I have stepped into a never-ending hole. Everyone in the klan took off their hoods and looked into the hole. As I am falling, I look up for the last time and see the two main 'monsters,' weren't strangers at all. They were my own flesh and blood. They were my mother and father.

As I start to try to figure this all out, again, I hear my name being yelled. I open my eyes to see my loving mother and father I knew. They were worried about me, because I was screaming in my sleep. They weren't monsters at all. They were the farthest thing from it. It was all just a dream, and my sister and I were alive and happy again.

The author's comments:
This is a piece I had to write in ninth grade. I liked it so well, I wanted others to be able to read it, also.

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