September 9, 2012
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Angels have little use. They are the best objects of torment. No government cares what you do with them. Kate disagreed completely. She was convinced that angels were saviors. She was convinced they were a necessity on this Earth ever since the night she had left Dylan. The night she tried to leave but he was drunk, went crazy, and chased her until there was no where left for her to go. The night the bullet just barely whizzed past her head into the wall. To her, surviving that night, to be so close to death yet manage to escape, was a true miracle. She believed that miracle was an angel, feeling and understanding her desperation, her silent cry for help, and coming to her rescue. She feels they are worth everything. They could save many many more lives, help many many more people. No one believes her.

The meeting is tomorrow. They're giving her a chance. Kate knows they already have made up their minds. But she refuses to let it show. She's going to try. Sitting at her desk, she flips through her note cards. Without them she would lose her words, lose her train of thought. She sighs and closes her eyes. Dylan swarms her mind. Scary and terrifying memories. She screams. Her phone rings and she answers. "Hello?" No response on the other end, just heavy breathing. She quickly hangs up. There's a knock on the door. She walks over and opens it. It's Dylan. She tells him to go away. That he shouldn't even be here. He takes a step towards her and begs her to let him explain. She takes a step back, scared. The smell of alcohol on his breath is disgusting. She reminds him of the restraining order. That he served his time but that doesn't give him the right to show up on her doorstep. His face doesn't show that that information registered in his brain. She tries a different approach; threatening to call the police. That seems to make sense to him. He holds up his hands as if in defeat and backs away, off her property and into the darkness. She closes the door, relieved that he's gone. Her phone rings and she answers. "It's me", a mans voice says. Her heart stops. Dylan. She tells him to leave her alone. The next thing she hears is the dial tone. She collapses in the chair, exhausted from the evenings events. There's a knock on the door. She ignores it. There's another knock on the door. She ignores it. There's yet another knock on the door. She ignores it. The door opens and Dylan enters. S***, she had forgotten to lock it. She asks what he wants, why he keeps trying to be around her. "I want to be with you", his alcohol breath whispers. "No you don't. Get out." she says, getting out of the chair and pointing towards the door. Dylan doesn't move. He smirks, and pulls out a gun from behind him. He lifts it. Kate's eyes widen in fear, too shocked to move. He shoots. This time the bullet doesn't hit the wall, it hits her. As she collapses to the ground only one thought is running through her head; The angels didn't save her.

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