Rupenzel and freckled boy

September 5, 2012
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I was hiding behind a bush with this girl lying in the think green long grass laughing.She had lushes long hair in a long bright blond plat.Her hair falls perfectly in place with the wind rushing pulling her hair back like an umbrella in a hailstorm.She turned around and said “Hi” Her eyes were light blue they sparkled like an early sun rise with the suns reflection on the clear blue ocean.Her smile was amazing it was very big and long with sparkling clean perfect white teeth.Then she had a dress that flowed and clinged to her body shape it was pink it had a swirl flower pattern running down her dress with beads and sequins sewn on.All of a sudden the sun shone on her with her dress just sparkling and looked like a georges schanderlea turned on.I could not help but say “You look amazing in that dress” She replied with im going for a swim at the lake and she grabbed my hand.She had long skinny fingers with manicured long finger nails that were painted baby pink.She grabbed my hand and dragged my down to the lake with her her laugh could of made the world just die it sounded like when you put soft jazz music on it makes you fall asleep.

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