Halo of Fire

September 7, 2012
The halo of fire upon her head -- one only a demon of hell would wear when she greeted the sinful souls with her torturous hands, stained as red as the light her halo casts past her face -- never moves, even when her dark wings of grace and wickedness dance behind her.
She is no demon. She is an angel with bright eyes of passion and skin that glows like a star that spreads it’s light in the dark night sky. Her smile can make a broken heart race and her words can calm even the most horrifying nightmares.
I want to touch the star, to kiss the heat and beauty of her as my lips melted and dripped until I lost all control and became a puddle on the floor. She could step in the puddle with her white stiletto heels and impale the naked human without resistance. Anyone would allow her to step upon their fingers just so they can get a glance at her wings.
Her presence is felt behind my back. I know that if I twist my head to the side, I could catch a glimpse of her beautiful wings out of the corner of my eye. They are a beauty for all to see from a distance or the corner of your eye, best you be blinded by the sheer shine.
To touch her wings would be a the greatest gift, but alas, only a chosen few are given such a gift. I am not one of those few. When I turn my head, I know there will be nothing seen.
Dark feathers and a red halo are fading in my sights. I am not shown her face, nor am I blinded for the shine was first to fade. A shadow of her face can be seen for a short moment in time before she disappears, leaving nothing but the emptiness of air.
Worlds have been mended and left with civilizations of broken hearts from her touch. She has killed without lifting a finger and blinded many who dared to take a glance. Many have loved her but they never managed to feel the warmth of her returning love for she does not love. She takes.
She takes your heart, your body, your soul, and steps them all she pleases. She steals all you have and gives nothing in return. She destroys everything she touches with a smile on her face and glee in her heart.
This is what makes her an angel of hell. She will take and destroy all the love you have in your heart. She may never cross your path or look in your direction, but may ruin your life with a single glance towards her wings that flutter behind her halo of fire.

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ShannonLil99 said...
Sept. 12, 2012 at 10:20 am
Really good... Better than any fiction piece I could do :) x  
AmberMichelle This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Sept. 13, 2012 at 12:36 pm
Thank you. :)
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