The Peasant and the Prince

September 6, 2012
By sheebee SILVER, Grant, Nebraska
sheebee SILVER, Grant, Nebraska
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The Peasant and The Prince

There was hopelessness dulling in her eyes, looking back and forth, thinking carefully about each of her options. She was at a loss, but with that loss she would find something to gain. Now, you may be confused as I write the ending of this story, so let me start from the beginning.

In a distant past, far from the present, there was a little lady, who was the daughter of a peasant family. This family had no riches, no valuables, they were dirt poor as some people would say. They lived in the alleyways of hell itself, but there was one thing that shined in the small shack house. That was the love that was brought home after a hard days work of looking for a scrap of food, and hard labor out in the fields of the king. However, the king paid little, and cared about their well being even less. Thus leaving hundreds of families to starve, including this little lady. The hunger was so great at times, that she swore she would do anything for something, anything to eat.

But even in this hunger, there was work to be done, so the family of three would wake up before the sun, and be out in the fields by the time the sun rays were looking over the sides of the earth. The work was hard out there, the dirt was hard to till, and the seeds to be planted were very small, but you don’t dare sit down, because once in a while the king would come to see how things were going out in the fields. Just to make this clear, the king was a man of no mercy, and if things weren’t to his liking then you weren’t worth having around, and nobody could afford to lose the little he paid them. That day was one of those days. However, it wasn’t the king that was lurking up and down the dirt rows, it was his son. The king was off in his kingdom tending to some other duties he had or so she was told.

As the prince got closer and closer to the little lady, she became more and more nervous, afraid she would be doing something wrong. Afraid that he would carry the rude traits of his father. But he showed no anger, no hate danced in his eyes as he watched her work. He must have stood there for 15 minutes before he moved on, not saying a single word about the way she planted the seeds. Then he asked her what her full name was, she answered in a quivering voice, and forced smile. The prince smiled and then moved on down to finish his job.

Days passed as the memory of what happened that day began to fade from her head. She began to move on from her hopes of him actually caring about her and decided she better stick to the reality of her situation. He would never marry a peasant girl, especially one who lived in hells alley. But something happened that day that would force her to make the most contemplating decision of her life. The prince himself came knocking at her door, promising her everything she wanted, but she could be the only one to come, her family was not of interest in the kingdom of his father, and neither was she, but he would make the exception.

The author's comments:
I had to write a Dilemma tale for my World Lit class and after sitting for 45 minutes I finally thought of this.

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