Her Last Day

September 1, 2012
By lightthefuze BRONZE, Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania
lightthefuze BRONZE, Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania
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This day started as if it was any other day. Although, it was the first day in a while that she got to see her boyfriend. They were having some trouble with their relationship, and she swore finally seeing him would fix it up a bit. A lot, hopefully. Except, anything but that happened. This day would be the day that ended her life.

This meeting was like any other. Awkward at first, but they were talking like they see each other every day in no time. They had normal conversations, ones like any other teenagers would. They sat in his living room watching stupid shows with bad jokes and good shows with even more bad jokes. She didn't see anything wrong with what was going on. But, little did she know, he was about to crack.

He couldn't take it anymore. "Why are you acting like nothing's wrong?" He asked.

She didn't say anything.

He stood up, and began to yell. "Nothing is right between us and you're acting like everything is f*ing peachy! WHY!"

When she didn't answer, he went into his bedroom. Seconds later, he was walking past her into the dining room. She heard something hit the ground. She followed him, and saw a hat sitting on the floor. She noticed it was the hat she's wanted from him since she first laid her eyes on it.

He was holding a lighter in his hand, with it lit. He was just staring at the fire, like it was the only thing around him.

"What are you doing?" She asked, no answer.

"Hello?" She said, again with no answer.

She stepped closer to him, and he didn't even flinch. "What are you doing?" She whispered.

She stopped, and realized what he wanted to do. He wanted to burn the hat.

She grabbed his arm. "Please don't do this." She looked up into his eyes, and she could see all the pain in them. All the pain she caused. What she didn't see, was the fact that the lighter was burning her arm. She looked down, and winced. There was a huge burn on her arm.

He looked down, and saw the burn. He shut the lighter off and dropped it. Without saying a word, he ran out of the room.

She stared at the empty spot he was just in, and couldn't understand what just happened. Nothing about this day was making sense anymore.

She ran to the sink and turned it on, and put her arm under it. Although it stung a little, she could feel less overall pain.

A few minutes later, his dad walks in. He walks past her and then notices the burn on her arm. He turned around and asked "What happened to you?"

She was surprised he noticed and shook her head. "I, um, I fell into the stove while it was on. Silly, clumsy little me, right?" She laughed nervously.

He noticed the hat and the lighter on the floor. "Where is he?"

"I-I don't know."

He knew that she was lying. "What did he do to you?"

"Nothing! It was my fault. I tried to burn the hat and he stopped me. H-he tried to take the lighter from me but he accidentally burned me, it's fine."

He looked at her, with a little understanding. He knew she was hiding something, but he wouldn't force her to tell. "Alright, I'll be outside."

The second the back door closed, she sighed with relief. She turned off the water and wrapped her hand with a paper towel.

When she looked up, he was standing there. Her eyes widened, and she stepped back a little.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you." He walked to her. "I can help you. I know how to treat a burn. Come on." He held out his hand.

She knew that taking his hand would be the stupidest thing she could do, but she did it anyway.

He took her to his room and she sat on the bed. "What are you supposed to do for a burn?" She asked.

"Well," he laughed a little, "you don't wrap it in a paper towel." He smiled, sitting next to her. He took the paper towel off of her arm. She didn't say anything.

"I thought you were a talker, what's wrong?" He asked.

"I-I'm just nervous, that's all."

"What are you nervous for? I told you, I'm not going to hurt you. Not even on purpose."

"I should just go tell my mom about the burn, she'll know what to do." She started to go for the door when he grabbed her arm.

"You're not going anywhere." He pulled her back and she fell onto the bed.

"NO!" She screamed and tried for the door again.

But, he was a little faster than her and he pinned her to the wall. He grabbed a knife from his pocket and put it to her throat. "I told you that you weren't leaving." He smiled evily.

Someone was walking to the bathroom and saw what was going on, and ran right back outside.

He slammed the door shut and locked the door. "Don't they realize they're going to be too late?"

"What are you going to do to me?" She whimpered.

"What you deserve." He stabbed the knife into the wall.

She closed her eyes and tears began to stream down her cheeks. "please don't kill me." she whispered.

He looked down at her, and wanted to stop. He didn't want to hurt her, he just wanted to scare her. But, he couldn't stop.

Someone was knocking on the door, and yelling came with it. "Open the door right now!"

"Leave us alone!" He yelled back at them.

"Open. The. Door!"

She looked up at him, and he looked down at her. "Just say you're fine and they'll go away." He said.

"I-I'm fine." She said, loud enough for them to hear.

"We're not leaving until we see she's okay." Her mother said.

"I guess you'll just have to hear what goes on then." He answered. He pulled the knife out of the wall, and went to stab her. She kicked him in the leg and the knife fell to the floor, and he stepped back a few inches.

She ran to the door and tried to unlock it. "HELP ME!" She yelled.

"That's not going to work!" He grabbed the knife and started to walk towards her. "Screaming won't help at all."

She finally got the door unlocked and began to open it, when he stabbed her right in the back.

Blood was running down her back and she gasped. Her eyes widened as she saw her family watching her die. She fell to her knees and then face first onto the ground.

"No.." he whipsered. "No, no, NO!"

Everyone stared at him, they couldn't believe what was going on.

He pulled at his hair. "NOOOOO!" He cried. "This wasn't supposed to--" He fell to the ground and dug his head into his thighs. "She can't be dead..." He whispered. "I killed her, I killed her." he kept repeating.

Without him noticing, they took her out of the room and brought her to the hospital. But he stayed in the same position for hours. His dad stayed there and checked on him every 30 minutes, and he didn't move.

The last time he came in, he said, "she's dead... I'm sorry."

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