These Days

August 29, 2012
By harliebird BRONZE, Ravenna, Nebraska
harliebird BRONZE, Ravenna, Nebraska
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life is like photography, you develop from the negatives.

These are the days...
the days we spend laughing about nothing
the days we spend dead tired after marching with pride
the days we spend freaking out over the boy who finally text-ed us back
the days that we spend making mix Cd's
the days we spend taking pictures with goofy smiles
the days we spend sweating in practice
the days we spend belting out our favorite song
the days we spend wondering whose jersey we are going to wear
the days we spend talking about someones boyfriend
the days we spend wondering what we are going to do the next day
the days we spend by ourselves thinking about past decisions
the days we spend crying over the family member or friend who left earth too early
the days we spend laughing so hard we can't breathe
the days we spend studying for the stupid test we fail anyways
the days we spend listening to our parents lecture
the days we spend figuring out what we are going to wear to the next dance
the nights we spend thinking about what we are going to do with our lives
the days we spend trying to paint our fingernails on our right hand
the days we we spend driving to see someone who used to be important to us
the days we spend making fun of each other
the days we feel like will never end
the days spent wondering where we got that bruise
the days when we find out who our real friends are
the days where we stress too much... or too little
the days that we strike a pose for some one's camera

These are the days we will never forget, and if we do, they have already changed us inside anyways. We don't have to remember to feel the things we've experienced together. The love, the friendships, and the memories will never leave our body. They are inside our skin, and our souls.

So smile because you can, nothing will change the smiles from the past, they are engraved into our cheek bones, and in our laugh lines.

So here's to the day that we die: may we never live a day without a belly laugh, and a true smile.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my close friend... It's our senior year.

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