August 27, 2012
"Class it's time to turn in your homework"Mr.Jenkins said to us as students started to pull out their papers.As Mr.Jenkins walked pass desks he stopped at the empty surface of my desk."Chloe do you have your homework with you"he asked me" i think so" i said.As i opened my backpack and searched thorough it.It's not in here i thought as i zipped up my backpack."So Chloe do you have it your not"he asked me."Well sir you see about that is um last night i was watching TV.""Chloe no excuses you in the 5the grade now,you can't give people excuses"he said."Mr.Jenkins my mom was going into labor so we had to drive her to the hospital and on our way there in the road was a rabbit.Mr.Jenkins you know my dad loves to help animals.So he pulled over and helped the creature with my mom screaming in thee car.So while my dad was rubbing the rabbit a genie came out and granted us each one wish.My dad asked for a bigger house my mom of course asked for the baby.For me i asked for a lot of ice cream" i said "Chloe that is the most ridiculous story i ever heard."Mr.Jenkins said "but Mr.j it's all true even down to the cherry on top" i said."Chloe i don't believe you"he said and then there was a knocking at the door.Mr.Jenkins opened the door and there was a man standing there."Hello i am genie i am here to give ice cream to class"he said.Then walked in and handed a pint to each kid even Mr.Jenkins."See i told ya" i said and pointed of spoonful of ice cream at Mr. Jenkins then ate it.

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