the Bracelet

August 26, 2012
By Anonymous

Many years ago my grandmother was walking down the dark streets in here home town in Ohio. Passing store after store long closed for the night she was alone underneath the dark sky. Nearing midnight she turned a corner and saw a small shop on the dark empty street with its lights on. Slowly walking closer, she could hear the hum of the enlightened neon sign. Open, it read.

Slowly walking in, the warmness of the shop met with her frostbitten ears. she looked around and saw that it was a jewelry shop. necklaces, earrings, rings, broaches and fancy hair pins were all displayed on red velvet boxes. Among all this jewelry, she didn't see one bracelet. Just as she took a step forward, a tall, thin, old man came out from behind a curtain and gave here a bracelet made of shining pearls and a small wight sea shell. He then said "Take it and go. It is forever yours."

Walking back down the street she looked back expecting to see the old man and the shop with the buzzing neon sign. But between the looming streetlights there was no small charming shop, just a empty street. Standing there, she looked down at the pearl and seashell bracelet and realized maybe one of the most important things of her entire life, that even the smallest things can mean the most.

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