Laughing like a Lunatic

August 24, 2012
By GhoulStock BRONZE, Batesville, Indiana
GhoulStock BRONZE, Batesville, Indiana
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"Whoever controls the media, Controls the mind" -Jim Morrison

It was like any other day in the quaint town of Winchester. The town was small and everyone knew the others business. Recently something odd has been happening in the tiny town, 2 have been mysteriously murdered, coincidentally these murders occurred a couple months after two prisoners, locked up for psychotic killing sprees, escaped from a large prison north of Winchester. The first victim was found on 106 Deeds Str. 67-year old Regina Fogelsang, a widow of a war veteran, quiet woman, didn’t cause any trouble. She had her throat slit and her body was drug out of the house and taken somewhere the police only found her head. Her forehead had “HAHAHAHA” carved into it; she looked like she most definitely died in excruciating pain. The police found no evidence at the scene; they looked for DNA everywhere but found nothing. As they questioned the neighbors the only information they had was that a young man in a suit showed up at the door. That day after 27-year old Falicity Stanger was brutally stabbed to death in her kitchen but with none of her own personal knives. This incident led the police to believe that the killer was out and about with a weapon on them 24/7. The town was informed to keep doors lock and hesitate to let people in.
A young woman by the name of Stella Cons showed up to the police station and left a single envelope on the police chief’s desk, the envelope read- “It’s more than it appears.” When the Chief found the envelope and opened it, he found photos of every person that entered Regina and Falicity’s homes on the day they were murdered. None of the people seemed sketchy. Regina’s daughter visited her and a bible salesman, that’s it. At Falicitys she left for several hours and when she came home a repairman came. The cops were baffled, who could have murdered these woman with no evidence left behind. 3 days later, there have been no murders till; the cops get a 911 call from a frantic 6 year old screaming, and “My mommy’s dead!” The cops rushed to the scene and found 37-year-old Cassidy Remington drowned in her own bathtub, she had choking marks on her neck. Kara, the 6-year-old daughter, was questioned by the police and brought into custody of the state. All she could tell the cops was, “I woke up from my nap came downstairs and a tall man in a black long coat was walking out of the back door, then I used the bathroom my mommy was dead!” This barely did anything for the cops they had no leads and were growing more exhausted with these murders day by day. As one cop was doing a back road drive on duty he smelled something funny coming from an old rundown cabin, it looks as if no one has cared for it in decades. The officer pulls into the driveway slowly, an old decrepit hound dog appears from behind the cabin, it barks frantically at the cop. After the hound calmed itself the officer approached the door of the cabin. As he knocked on the door the stench of something foul struck him, instantly he vomited when the door opened. A scruffy heavyset man answered the door, wearing flannel long sleeve and hunters orange vest. The cop asked, “ You’re house has an unusual stench, mind if I take a look around?” “nah, come on in,” said the man that answered the door. As the officer looked around the house he was disgusted by what he found. In the kitchen blood was splattered on the stove and the table, every knife was bloody, it looked as if a massive massacre had occurred in the kitchen of this home. Right when the officer started to call for backup the man who answered the door stabbed him 20 times right in the back.
When the officer never returned to the station, and a new murder, other than the officer, had appeared in the town, the cops were frantic. The Chief reviewed the pictures he found on his deck, as he looked at the quote on the front, “Its more than what it appears,” Chief pondered the quote. Finally he realized that the bible salesman and the repairman did not exit the house threw the front, because the photo’s were of the visitors entering and leaving the houses, those two suspects never left through the front, they were the last in the house before the murders, but they carried no weapons. An emergency back road check was arranged since the one officer had disappeared. All 5-cop cars took the same route the first cop did, while another 5 took the other route. When the officers passed the dilapidated cabin and spotted the abandon cop car of the missing officer they were positive they had found the culprits. A raid was planned for the house; the officer’s grabbed their pistols and readied to shoot. One brave officer busted down the doors and all rushed in afterwards. As they came in there was the heavyset man, dead in a recliner, he had slit his own throat to avoid prison for life. They searched the house; opening the basement door they heard moaning and groaning of humans that sounded as if they had no life left in them. Entering the basement the officers found 35 different people locked in cages, many were dead on the floor. Out of nowhere the “bible salesman/ repairman” popped out from behind one of the cages with an AK-47 fully automatic. He tells the cops, “Leave or you’ll join my groceries, yes my groceries,” he grabbed a beautiful young woman who looked petrified from fear, “this lovely thing right here, is my desert tonight.” He laughed like a lunatic would as he told the officers about his cannibalistic ways, the officers let him speak and once he finished they shot him on the spot.
After this crazy lunatic was shot, the prisoners from his basement were released and giving immediate medical attention. A biohazard team cleaned out the cabin, what they found was so disgusting many did not have the stomach to finish. The objects thrown away were things like, pickled toes, severed heads covered in plastic wrap in the freezer. Many bodies were found in the bedrooms on the second level all sexually assaulted before and after they were murdered. All the officers could think of these men was that they were sick perverted demons that were meant to be killed the way they were, with no mercy. No murders were committed in Winchester after the two men were dead, but what the cops found odd was that these men were not the two escapees from the prison, no one in the town knew the heavyset man, but the crazy cannibal was known as many different identities, mailmen, repairmen, Jehovah’s witness, a Mormon, he came in all different disguises to do his “grocery” shopping. Now the town of Winchester can rest peacefully, unless, these men were demons sent from hell and return in a new form with craftier ways.

The author's comments:
One of my favorite songs by Twiztid inspired me to write this story

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