As They Whisper

August 15, 2012
By Jessi21 BRONZE, Bensenville, Illinois
Jessi21 BRONZE, Bensenville, Illinois
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Can you feel them? The trees are here. Watching, whispering; can you hear them?
Their judging you, whispering, waiting for you to crumble down.
Break, Break!
They chant. It’s crumbling you down.
Fall! Fall!
Only you can hear them.
It’s too late.
Screaming does no good. They won’t leave.
Tick tick tick
It’s only a matter of time before you break.
No, break further than you already have.
They mock you, swinging their branches.
It’s only a matter of time before you keep dying, the only way to release yourself.
Do it, do it
Covering your ears does no good. Listen, hear what they think, hear what everyone thinks.
Nothing does any good.
You’re bound for death.
Face it.
Scaredy cat!
Their laughter fills your ears.
You can’t stop it, not yet.
No one enters the clearing of trees.
You’re going to die all alone.
All alone, from the beginning to the end.
Lonely girl! Loner!
“Stop! Stop!”
What have you learned from screaming?
Crystal tears roll down your cheeks.
You’re going to snap.
I can feel it.
They can feel it.
The wind picks up in the dead of night, and you get up and run.
But where are you running to?
There is no home, nowhere you belong.
Run away! Outcast!
No matter how far you run, they still echo in your ears.
But was it the trees speaking?
Or was it your mind?
Fall, fall. Tumble, tumble. SNAP, SNAP.
That sound that escapes your lips, it isn’t a scream.
It’s a sob.
Fall onto the grass, go ahead.
The trees are still by you.
You’ll never escape.
“Make it stop..” You whimpered, covering your head in between your knees.
Only you can make it stop.
Do it, do it.
Scratchy, that’s what their voices are.
They’re filled with hatred and sorrow.
You heard them. Do it.
Keep walking, you’re almost there.
Stop stumbling.
That’s right, stand on the edge.
Can you hear that?
They’ve stopped talking.
But wait.
That doesn’t mean that you can back out now.
You’ve come too far.
Leave this place!
Leave the disgusting place that’s filled with walking demons.
You’re a demon yourself, you know.
Don’t blame it on others.
Just jump.
Don’t fight.
You can do it.
The current’s bringing you away.
The breath is leaving your lungs.
It’s pulling you further down.
You’re starting to see spots.
Don’t worry, it’s all going to be over soon.
She’s gone! She’s gone!
She broke.

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