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Ive got so much i wish i could say... being here only reminds me of you... it can be hard but I'm going to lIve through it with or without you... u made your choice.. i may not be happy about it but but I'm not going to stop my life for you not anymore your just a boy who thinks hes "beast" i need a man who thinks he is lucky just to have me... I'm glad your happy with your life but just remember when she finds out who you really are and leaves you'll remember i would have been there by your side the entire tI'me without a care in the word.. I'm happy with the way my life is going even if its without you... and ill be long gone by the tI'me you become man enough to know you are a beast but not in the cool sense but in the sense that are cruel and evil.. every memory i will burn... every tear i will wipe away with a smile so tell me who are you? a boy forever stuck in a high schoolers mind depending on a drink to take the pain away shes gone so am i and so will she... so ill see u in a year my friend and hopefully you will know my pain so i can laugh at you like you've laughed at me.. all i have to do is be patient and karma will do its part.. cuz you see he is sweeping me off my feet and I'm falling for hI'm just like i did with you but the only difference is he is hiding the lies..

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