Death By Inheritance

August 8, 2012
By , Marietta, GA
I am not your typical teenage girl, I was orphan at the age 14 and I have very unique skills that many governments would die for but don’t know exist. I was not alone in having skills that aren’t normal. In fact I was very lucky, but in my eyes I once thought of myself lucky, my best friend is also graced in having skills like mine.
In the happy years of my life, we were inseparable, did everything, went every together. The only time you saw one of us without the other was when we were forced. My family’s vast estate was next to his family’s only separated by a forest. I remember the day we met and I will never forget it even to the day that I die, it was the first day that my parents finally let me explore the woods that lined our house, I was 7, I had been pleading with them all that year to let me go into the woods, finally agreed that I would be allowed to go on my 7th birthday, October 4th. I was by then already well trained in hand to hand combat and very skilled with a blade, but was still learning how to use a bow. I left my house that morning with my backpack on my back, full of some food and water, and a couple knives, at 6 in the morning. I had to two inside my jacket and one slipped down each of my boots and up my sleeve. I had been in the woods for 5 hours before saw him but u didn’t see me. I was way high up in the trees, completely stunned that someone would be in the woods. He was not much older than I; he had brown messy hair with bright blue eyes. I followed him through the woods staying high above and as quiet as possible so that he wouldn’t hear me. He was the first person other than my family and servants that I had seen, I wondered if he could actually be my friend.

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