Mr. Peanut's Adventure

August 3, 2012
By LizJoyEstelle SILVER, Kalamazoo, Michigan
LizJoyEstelle SILVER, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Once upon a time there was a peanut. Now this peanut was no ordinary peanut, he actually had a personality. Now would you ever think peanuts had personalities? Well, now you learned something new, because they do. This peanut looked like an ordinary peanut with his light fawn colored skin and tiny ridges all over his body. Mr. Peanut knew that people think Peanuts are tasty.
But he wanted to enjoy his life and not be eaten. So this is where we find Mr. Peanut; Racing along the track of a conveyer belt, preparing to be made into peanut butter! NO! NO! This cannot happen! Now this particular place that the peanut was in did not just make peanut butter, it also made peanut snacks for airplanes. Mr. Peanut did not know that.
But escape from this awful fate of being made into peanut butter was impossible. So as you guess, he happened to go down the track of airplane snacks. Not knowing this he closed his tiny eyes and prepared to be made into a delicious bit of peanut butter. But what happened? He got put into a plastic bag! What is happening? He thought. Well there is not much to do in a tiny plastic bag, so Mr. Peanut fell asleep. Bright lights, loud noise, and people was what he saw outside his bag as he woke up.
What happened? Where was he? Well this did not take very long for Mr. peanut to figure out because he was very intelligent for a peanut. He was on an airplane! Well, at least he was not peanut butter.
He was sitting on a dull grey table and a human was there, staring at him. Is he going to eat me? The human’s hands darted towards the bag.
Snap! The bag opened and the human muttered something as several peanuts flew in different directions from the quick opening of the bag.
One of these peanuts was Mr. Peanut. Without the airtight bag the sound of the airplane was much louder. I can get used to this, thought Mr. Peanut. He quickly moved out of reach of the hungry human. That was a quick escape, thought the small Mr. Peanut. I have never been on an airplane. I think I shall stay here, after all no one wants to eat a peanut that has fallen out of the bag, he thought.
He crawled through the aisle of the giant airplane, avoiding big feet that might smash him. He crawled for a long while, and then finally he found an empty seat. He climbed up and looked out the window. It was a beautiful sight, because the airplane was about to arrive in Paris. This was an adventure! Soon the airplane arrived at its destination. Everyone got off, including Mr. Peanut.
He had snuck into someone’s Purse and was going to see the city of Paris. He enjoyed looking at it through the windows of the airport, but he decided he could not leave the airport, because he did not want to miss the next flight. He managed to get into a purse going the direction of the airplane, and made it back. He loved the airplane and decided to live there. He stills lives there, always enjoying the thrills of flying to different places. so if you ever see a peanut, don’t step on it.

The author's comments:
This is a children's short story.

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