Mr. Apple’s Dream

August 6, 2012
By LizJoyEstelle SILVER, Kalamazoo, Michigan
LizJoyEstelle SILVER, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Once upon a time there was an apple. All the older apples knew that when an apple gets eaten, it’s life starts over, and it grows from a seed to an apple, and then it starts all over again. Poor Mr. apple, he did not know that. He was a very pretty apple, and he had never experienced being eaten before. His seed had grown well, and he was very glossy. But Mr. apple got harvested off of a tree one day, and set on a table to eat. “I cannot die! Don’t these people appreciate my beauty?” Mr. apple was proud of his beauty. All the older apples told Mr. Apple that he was not really dying, but Mr. apple did not believe them, he focused on what was going on right then. Mr. apple tried all different types of things to get off that table. He rolled around, he hid underneath a napkin, and he even got halfway out the door before someone came to pick him up. He lay there on the table for a long while. Thinking about how his beautiful life was going to end. He waited so long, that he started to imagine things. He imagined that he lived in a palace; this palace had a clear blue pool that he could swim in, and a royal bed made of the softest material that he could jump up and down on. He had a swing that went so high that he could jump off of it and land on the moon. He even had an island that he could reach by a submarine. Soon he was absorbed in this beautiful world of rainbows and sweet smells. He lived in his mind like that for a long time, riding leaves in the air, painting pictures on the moon, and listening to the thunder where he was safe. Some would call this type of living being insane. But apples like this are much happier than what they were, or would ever be. But the problem was, Mr. Apple did wake up. He did not choose to wake up, but he did. He finally escaped from that table. He lived in the woods trying to get back to his dream. But he never could. Oh, how he wished he could go back to that paradise. He even built a palace just like the one he had. And he lived there happily until he died, which was much sooner than he had expected. But no, he did not come back; He had not listened to his elders about his seed hitting the ground, his seed didn’t hit the ground. It just sat in his much-loved palace while other apples were just starting over.

The author's comments:
This is part of a children's series I wrote.

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