Hair Color

July 8, 2008
By Leah Krueger, Dousman, WI

We have different color hair in my family. My dad’s hair color is black with small hints of grey in his hair, like the color of the midnight sky speckled with stars. As for me, my hair is light brown, like the color of caramel on an ice cream sundae and even the color of cookie dough, my favorite food. Mara’s hair is the color brown, the color of tasty chocolate chips, her hair all wavy like the ocean. Emma’s hair is light brown, the color of dirt on the ground, which is not fun to walk in when it feels dry or wet.
My sister, Hannah’s hair is dark brown, the color of dark chocolate, which is so tasty you would want to indulge in more. And last, but certainly not least, my mom’s hair is brown, with hints of grey in it, now that she’s growing old. Her hair used to be the color of light chocolate cake, but now it’s the color of chocolate frosting with white dots on it.

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