One Cuddly Cat

July 8, 2008
She’s the one who always sneaks into my bedroom. She always comes into my bed, either when I’m in the midst of reading or trying to go to sleep. One cuddly cat named Sugar, after the sweet stuff in the types of cookies we eat or found in frosting and cake, who comes into my bedroom and goes as she pleases. One white cat with black spots-some small, some big-and a black tail, who always wants to be petted and sleep with me or can always be found sleeping on my bed, sometimes under the covers, when I come to put my stuff into my room. In my room, I’m sometimes alone, except for the bed that is on the other side of my room, which is inhabited by my older sister, Hannah, who doesn’t come to bed until late in the night, when I’m always trying to go to sleep until I feel something land on my bed and a peculiar weight.

How she gets in, I don’t know. I’ve always shut the door whenever I’m reading, until either my mom or my dad comes in to say good night, they have no idea the cat has snuck into my room to curl up beside me as I fall asleep. Her fur is soft whenever I pet her, but her teeth are so sharp they could give pain. When she gets too frisky, I kick her out of the room (figuratively) and then I can go back to sleep.

If she always didn’t come into my room, I would’ve been able to sleep and have no problem with the cat curling up with me. Even in the morning, as I leave to go to school, I occasionally forget to close my door, so the cat doesn’t come in and sleep on my bed, thinking it’s her basket.

When I believe the cat hasn’t come into my room, I lean back against my bed in comfort, cracking open the book I’m about to read, until the time I have to go to bed, thinking that for once the cat hasn’t come into my room and I’ll be able to get some sleep. But, when I’m getting deep into reading, I suddenly feel that same peculiar weight and I know it’s the cat. The cat that won’t stop coming into my room, no matter what. The cat that only wants to love and be loved. The cat whose only reason for coming into my room is to relax with me until she decides its time for her to go and I can open the door for her to go out to sleep in her real bed.

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