1 Hot Sun

July 8, 2008
By Eric Williams, Delafield, WI

It is the only one that can fry ants through a magnifying glass. I am the only person who can move the glass and focus the beam. One hot sun with blinding light and relentless heat. One hot sun who might back down but is in constant power. We can see it but we cannot hear it, smell it, or taste it.

Its power and force is far beyond that of our own. Within its domain, we are but flecks of dust floating in our own atmosphere. In one sweep of its mighty arm, even our largest cities can go black in a matter of seconds.

Let us remember though that this one hot sun was at one time the size of a speck of dust. Growing and growing; escaping black holes and asteroids hurtling through its humble nebula. Gaining power all the while.

Eventually we will have no sun; stuck in the coldness of our own planet wishing that we still had that one hot sun.

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