60 Important seconds

July 8, 2008
By Aaron Gehrt, Gennesee Depot, WI

They may not seem important but they are the things that will make you life important. I may be the only one who appreciate seconds. 60 important seconds can change your life forever or loose your life.60 who you may want to be here or you just want to stop them. 60 annoying seconds or amazing seconds made by god. When ever we do something we experience every day.
The seconds are unnoticeable and unappreciated. They manage are live and make it worthwhile. They are good and bad they are neutral. This is how they make us live are lives.
If seconds stopped then we would not be able to move on. They say to each other make the best of these precious seconds make the best of these precious seconds make the best of these precious seconds.
When I am sad and I just want these seconds to stop when I am miserable against the timely end I look at the important seconds I used and I am proud to use these seconds. There is always a reason to live these seconds.

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