Seeing is Believing

July 8, 2008
By Josh Lepak, Wind Lake Wisconsin, WI

Little Billy waltzed home from school on a sunny Monday afternoon. Every other day he would come home to first switch on the television to his favorite cartoon show, rocket man. A fresh bowl of sugar bits in hand, to billy this was the perfect afternoon. On this steaming hot Monday afternoon the ideal was far from reality. At 10 years old his parents didn’t mind him staying home alone for a few hours. Logical for an average 10 year old, but Billy and average don’t have anything in common.
See, Billy has no friends, but he is the only one who doesn’t know. This is why after school it would seem he enjoys being alone. Is seeing believing? That’s what Billy would tell you..
Hiking from the bus to his sanctuary comes with ease to billy, because he hasn’t ever known anything different.
It is probably easy to notice Billy probably isn’t a hard name to come up with. Why he is named Billy is simple. Simple to me. He told me to call him Billy. Legally Billy is actually Francis Jacob Jatte, (pronounced yot). Billy doesn’t like to be called by any of his actual names. Anger is an understatement.

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